East Coast fisheries feeling the effects of post-tropical storms

The impact of post-tropical storm Fiona on Atlantic Canada’s fisheries is still being tallied, but Osborne Burke already knows it will cost about $2 million to repair a major fish processing plant in Neal’s Harbor, New South Wales. increase.

The general manager of Victoria Co-operative Fisheries Ltd. says its high-tech operations were torn apart by Fiona’s hurricane-like high winds and devastating storm surges last Saturday when she roared on Cape Breton Island. .

Meanwhile, mainland eastern Nova Scotia, Cape Breton, PEI and southwestern Newfoundland have reported significant damage to fishing and small boat ports.

Earlier this week, the Federal Fisheries Administration said five of the region’s 180 ports had ceased operations, another 99 were partially functioning, and 20 needed further evaluation. .

Fisheries Minister Joyce Murray said he expects the number of unusable ports to rise as inspections continue.

Meanwhile, some in the industry say they were struck by the fickle nature of the storm, wreaking havoc on some fishing communities and leaving others nearby virtually unscathed.

canadian press