ECB redesigns euro banknotes with inclusion efforts


Frankfurt — The European Central Bank said on Monday that it plans to redesign euro banknotes over the next three years to make it “more friendly” to Europeans of all ages and backgrounds.

The ECB’s focus group will collect proposals on a comprehensive theme for new banknotes from citizens of 19 countries that share the euro, the ECB said.

The new design replaces the windows, doorways and bridges of various architectural styles that have graced Euro banknotes since its launch in 2002.

“Twenty years later, it’s time to review the appearance of our banknotes to make them more familiar to Europeans of all ages and backgrounds,” said ECB Chairman Christine Lagarde.

The original design was intended to mean unity and openness, while being so abstract that it cannot be traced back to individual Member States.

However, many other Treasury and central banks are striving to focus on diversity and inclusiveness when designing new bills, and the Federal Reserve is the Crusader Harriet against African-American slavery. I’m choosing Tubman as a $ 20 bill.

An advisory group of experts from each Eurozone country prepares a list of candidate themes and submits them to the ECB’s board of directors. The board seeks the opinions of the general public before starting the design competition.

After this and further public consultation, the Board will make a final decision by 2024.

The final contest was won by Austrian designer Robert Kalina in 1996.