Ecuador faces a fishing crisis near Galapagos


A fleet of about 300 boats is rapidly approaching the World Heritage Sites along the Ecuadorian coast, where biodiversity influenced Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Important reason: that’s all 20% Some of the marine life in the Galapagos Islands reserves can only be found there.

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  • Illegal and unregulated vessels are primarily fish squids, and many Galapagos Islands-specific animals rely on commercial species such as food and tuna.

  • But a local NGO warm Many other species get caught in fishing nets.

  • Chinese ships Detained Carrying endangered shark fin Past few years..

detail: Most of the detected fisheries take place on the high seas, just outside the island’s reserves.

  • Activists say fishermen because many of the Galapagos Islands’ marine animals are mobile, like sea turtles and hammerhead sharks. wait Because they leave the protected area to lock them in.

  • Ecuadorian Navy US support, But many of the ships avoid detection by Turn off Their satellite tracking system.

Big picture: Chinese, Korean, and sometimes Spanish ships I caught and tried in recent years Illegal fishing Off the coast near Peru, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

Yes, but: Unregulated fishing does not just come from foreign vessels. the study It shows that 20% of shark fin exports come from ships in Peru and Ecuador.

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