Ecuadorian landslide reduces missing people to 6 and kills 24

In Quito, Ecuador, on February 1, 2022, heavy rains caused landslides, mud and rocks fell on houses, affecting power supply, and people, soldiers, and rescue workers are helping with cleaning. (Johanna Alarcon / Reuters)

Quito — The mayor of Ecuador’s capital, Quito, has reduced the number of people missing due to a landslide on Monday night from 12 to 6, but rescue efforts were still ongoing, but the death toll was 24. was.

The worst rains in Ecuador for nearly 20 years have overwhelmed dams near working-class neighborhoods Lagaska and Lacomna, sending mud and rock to homes and streets.

Mayor Santiago Garderas told reporters that the number of injured has increased to 52 and repair work on dozens of affected homes will begin.

Epoch Times Photo
On February 1, 2022, mud filled the streets after a rain-weak hillside collapsed and mud waves flooded the Lagaska district of Quito, Ecuador. (Dolores Ochoa / AP Photo)
Rescue workers carry victims
On February 1, 2022, rescue workers broke containment mechanisms, collapsed hillsides, created mud waves, and filled nearby streams with rain in houses in the Lagaska district of Quito, Ecuador. Carry away the bodies of the victims of the caused flash floods. .. (Dolores Ochoa / AP photo)
On February 1, 2022, a car was seen in an area of ​​landslides in Quito, Ecuador. (Jonatan Rosas / Reuters)

“According to the protocol, firefighters have to carry out rescue operations for 48 hours, after which they can begin cleanup work,” Guarderas said.

Ecuador is facing heavy rains in some areas, flooding rivers and affecting hundreds of homes and roads. The rain in Kito on Monday was equivalent to 75 liters per square meter.

The footage obtained by Reuters showed a man struggling to free himself from the muddy water running down a residential area on Monday before he was swept away.

Alexandra Valencia