Eddie Murphy named the most naturally funny people of all time

Eddie Murphynot a slouch in the comedy department, Jimmy Kimmel On Wednesday, name the most naturally funniest person he’s ever met. (See video below.)

red fox‘ said Murphy.

“That’s a great answer,” replied the host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

“It’s just naturally funny without the effort,” said Murphy. “Everything that came out of his mouth was funny.”

Fox, the star of stand-up comics and “Sanford and Sons” (1972-77), who died in 1991, was probably touched by the shout.

Murphy provided a macabre afterword to his praise. Fox met his death on the set of the sitcom The Royal Family, which Murphy was producing. collapsed and later died in hospital. The New York Times reported in an obituary.

“He had a heart attack on the show,” Murphy said. “That’s how funny he was. They thought he was joking.”

Kimmel pointed out the irony, as part of Fox’s antics as the grumpy junk dealer in “Sanford and Sons” was faking a heart attack.