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Automakers are constantly introducing new models and nameplates into their lineups to meet consumer tastes and keep them fresh. Along with that, you need to cycle out the old model. These cancellations have not been promoted and shoppers often do not realize they are gone until it is too late. With this in mind, Edmonds experts emphasized the five exiting cars that will disappear after the 2021 model.

There are several reasons for discontinuing production of each vehicle, but it may be necessary before it is sold out. Given the current shortage of new cars, finding them may not be easy, so you may want to act faster rather than later. The following vehicles are sorted from low to high prices at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, including destination charges.

2021 Volkswagen Golf

Hatchbacks have become unpopular with many shoppers over the years. The latest victims of the class are one of the best known. Volkswagen Golf will end its long-term operation in the United States after the 2021 model. VW will continue to offer the Golf GTI and Golf R, which will return as a completely redesigned 2022 model.

If you find one of these remaining golfs, you’ll get a small hatchback that’s practical and comfortable. However, there are signs that VW was less interested in keeping this final generation of golf competitive. Compared to other small hatchbacks, this golf suffers from a lack of mediocre performance, technical features and advanced driver aids.

Suggested retail price start: $ 24,190

2021 Mazda 6

Recently, many sedans are resting. However, the passage of Mazda 6 is especially noteworthy. The current generation debuted in the 2014 model, but the 2021 car shows little of that era given its sophisticated styling, sharp handling, and affordable optional turbocharged motors. ..

But that wasn’t enough to bring the Mazda6 to market. Shoppers are increasingly turning to crossover SUVs instead of compact cars and sedans, and there wasn’t enough interest in 6 to justify Mazda’s continued investment. It’s a shame because the 6 is one of Edmonds’ most acclaimed sedans. It’s worth looking for one.

Suggested retail price start: $ 25,470

2021 Volvo V60

The station wagon is a niche vehicle that most car makers don’t care about in 2021. Volvo has been a wagon cheerleader longer than most other wagons, but has also thrown towels into smaller V60 and larger V90 wagons. Both models offer SUV-like practicality, attractive styling, and attractive value.

Volvo doesn’t sell many V60s — only 385 V60s were sold in the first half of 2021 — but if you can find it, there’s a lot you like about this little wagon. And Volvo will continue to sell the V60 Cross Country. It’s a V60 with a slightly higher ride height and some SUV-like styling elements.

Suggested retail price start: $ 42,045

2021 Toyota Land Cruiser

Imagine a dinosaur that somehow survived to see today. That is the Toyota Land Cruiser. This large traditional SUV is considerably older than the versatile crossovers that currently dominate the automotive industry. However, the Land Cruiser enjoys a fan base of old-fashioned supporters, despite the lack of smartphone connectivity and a base price of nearly $ 90,000.

This generation debuted in 2008 and has survived so long by appealing to buyers who value uncompromising size and off-road heritage. Alas, its starting price and thirsty fuel consumption have limited its appeal to rivals such as the Ford Expedition and the Chevrolet Suburban. Land Cruiser ends without a Toyota replacement.

Suggested retail price start: $ 87,030

2021 Acura NSX

The all-wheel drive hybrid Acura NSX was launched in 2017 as one of the most ambitious vehicle restarts on the market in recent memory. Highlights include the accessible performance of exotic sports cars and excellent fuel efficiency. But its high price, small trunks, and outdated infotainment system are also notable turn-offs.

Acura will produce 300 upgraded NSX Type S models for the US market in 2022 as a proper see-off. This will cause this generation of NSX to exit without a visible successor. In the area of ​​exceptional options, the NSX simply struggled to stand out.

Suggested retail price for the 2021 Acura NSX: $ 159,495

Edmonds says

Car shoppers buy a lot of crossovers and SUVs, so there’s little room for other models. The pressure reduces shoppers’ choices, but sales are undeniable.


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