Education that enriches people with more than skills


What is the point of teaching art courses to people who have not properly learned to read, write, think and communicate?


I am a conservative. Being conservative has little to do with the political left or the political right.

Now let’s unleash conservatism from the left / right polarity and see what it really is. An attitude of mind that respects humanity but recognizes its limits. It carefully believes in progress, but it’s not just changing because of change. And the most controversial thing is that it considers the truth to be absolute and values ​​it more than myth.

Conservatives believe that education should be lifelong. Teaching trade, skills and art is not enough, it is important. Morality, clarity of thinking, analytical skills, and efficient communication are or should be the basis of any professional training.

So-called liberal arts is an art suitable for a free man or woman. He was one of the first to systematically talk about them, but the idea is older than the pagan Roman Cicero.

After the time of Cicero, as the world transformed into the Middle Ages of Christianity, the so-called liberal arts were divided into two groups, Trivium and Quadribium. The former consists of grammar, logic and rhetoric, and the latter consists of number theory, geometry, music and astronomy. These subjects look strange to our modern eyes, but look again. It focuses on the art of thinking, writing and persuasion, closely related to math, measurement and, of course, music.

They cover all the skills that separate us from other creations. As human beings, we have the complex nature of being able to achieve that potential only by demonstrating all our talents. “Man,” says William Hazlitt. “He is the only animal who laughs and cries, because he is the only animal that can be struck by the difference between things and what they should be.”

These “liberal” arts are not wealthy elite reserves, but have traditionally been taught in all schools, so those who continue to study trade and profession lay a solid foundation in their lives of mind. can do. Poetry and music can be thought reasonably and logically, and can communicate with power, beliefs and communication.

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A woman looking at a picture in “Dante”. Lavisione dell’arte (Dante. The Vision of Art) exhibition held in Forli, Italy on May 8, 2021. (Antonio Calanni / AP Photo)

Educating boys and girls to work alone was never enough. They must be educated for the rest of their lives. That way, you can get winter nuts if you want. It’s a good store to enrich and excite their hearts.

But the days of cultivated doctors, lawyers, engineers, and what you have may be counted.

Postmodernism and identity politics, which are essentially cynical doctrines, tend to exacerbate the collapse of society, both of which have a significant impact on the school curriculum. And at great cost: If you spend too much time studying dissatisfaction, you may never learn to read, write, and think straight.

How did you reach this point?

Perhaps until the 14th century, almost everything written so far could be read in the library. Since then, the available knowledge has expanded exponentially, and with it, the trend of specialization has increased rapidly.

Ancient scholarships were knowledge-based and had a great deal of emphasis on memory. In contrast, modern scholarship is forced to become more and more selective as the mountain of matter expands. The emphasis has shifted from knowledge to theory and from facts to techniques for extracting facts.

All these unexpected results were extraordinary ignorance.

Some teachers and educators perform well in certain areas as they become more specialized, lack abilities outside of those areas, and are sometimes almost illiterate or traditionally human etiquette.

Why can a young man or female reasonably expect to choose a lifelong commitment to an 18-year-old (or earlier) career that has never been properly exposed to the richness of human thinking? ?? Does the average person need to be retrained several times during his life? Indeed, are we asking too many (or too few) questions to the young people who are future heirs and formers?

A long time ago, the American reaction was to argue that proper preparation had to come first and that people should learn communication and thinking at a very high level before specializing. The tradition of sending young people to liberal arts colleges before “graduate school” is well established. IBM was looking for an English or philosophy graduate who was good at playing chess. They thought if young people were well taught in communication and thinking. They can be trained and retrained to learn computer languages ​​and other things.

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An employee selected a book from the shelves of the Royal Portuguese Reading Institute in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on November 19, 2018. (CarlDe Souza / AFP via Getty Images)

Two Australian men from the 70’s, businessman James Power and Karl Schmude, a librarian at the University of New England, began thinking about establishing a new kind of educational institution in Australia. Road to a new perspective on Australian education — Year View of education. The view that literacy, eloquence, clear thinking, historical awareness, and well-founded moral certainty should be firmly established as the basis for professional research. That’s where Campion College was born.

Critics sometimes see the Campion syllabus and declare it narrow. Campion offers four Bachelor of Arts courses, while traditional universities offer 80 or 90 courses.

At first glance, it certainly looks narrow. However, ordinary college students can only take four of what is actually offered, and that number usually declines in three years.

Moreover, that is exactly the central subject of Campion, which is the basis of humanitarian research.

Because history, we need to understand where we are in time and space. At least where we came as a guide to where we were heading.

Philosophy, a way to teach us clear thoughts and avoid simple and shallow peace. Is the truth relative, or is it just your version of what you want to believe, or is there an absolute one?

Literature teaches us about good communication and the human spirit. Why get a cart in front of a horse? How wonderful it is to study psychology, sociology, and criminology, even if you haven’t read some great poems and novels.

Someone from a British university over 30 years ago applied the phrase “Mickey Mouse subject” to a particular art course.Some simple options for incompetent students in the world who increasingly claim the “rights” of people to some extent Some kind of..

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Students at the University of California, Berkeley have a sign on March 4, 2010, as they march on campus during the National Day, which opposes funding cuts and tuition increases at the University of California, Berkeley. (Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

Too many people are studying rock music research, sightseeing, or surfing! Even “old” subjects like English can escape without reading too much Shakespeare, and you can learn history in segments (often politically linked) without feeling the big picture. increase.

Some would find me arrogant to speak this way about the honest desires of many students and their teachers. But we all believe that we are at risk of selling ourselves and wasting our most valuable resources. Talented young people should not be fooled by second-class research, but should be given a better opportunity to develop their skills in new directions.

What is the point of teaching isolated, isolated art courses to those who have not properly learned to read, write, think and communicate? Reduce Mickey Mouse and increase apprenticeship.

It has strong traction in the opposite direction in the form of political correctness, imposing restrictions on what we may and may not say. From the non-censorship position in the late 1960s, when absolutely everything was allowed, we began to apply censorship to almost every life sector except gender.

There is no quick fix. If you have children who are caring for you, teach them to think straight. Question their simple assumptions. Encourage students to enroll in courses that broaden their understanding of the entire world, not just parts of it. Don’t specialize too early or too narrowly (you need an expert, of course, but be a humane expert). Tell them history. Sports are just play, but ideas have saved and destroyed the country.

Above all, keep in mind cheerfully, not despair. Remember Julian of Norwich. “Everything works, everything works.”

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David Daintree


David Daintree is the director of the Christopher Dawson Cultural Studies Center in Tasmania, Australia. He has a classical background and teaches late and medieval Latin. Daintree was a visiting professor at the Universities of Siena and Venice and a visiting scholar at the University of Manitoba. He was President of Campion College from 2008 to 2012. In 2017, she became a member of the Order of Australia on the Queen’s Birthday Honor List.