Educational Union Press for Gender Confirmation Leave at the University of Tasmania

The National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) and the University of Tasmania (UTAS) were “trapped in battle” after UTAS refused to meet the union’s request to provide transgender staff with up to 30 days of leave.

The university currently offers 10 days of special leave to staff, regardless of gender, but NTEU Blame the option “Not especially for transgender and gender-diversified people.”

“Gender affirmative leave will save the lives of higher education workers,” said Amy Sargent, a national convener of queer unionists (QUTE) in higher education, a network of NTEU members who defend the LGBTIQ + community. ..

The sergeant said 10 days was not enough for the staff and demanded more leave because “it needs to be renewed every year to ensure that the staff are safe to seek help.”

Recovery time Sex reassignment surgery The first two weeks after surgery can take 6-8 weeks and may be a long break.

“The result can be intolerable to many who have been deprived of their income during the very traumatic periods of their lives that they cannot control,” Sargent said.

The union has since Announce petition According to the NTEU, the petition received nearly 1,000 signatures in search of support for college vacations.

So far, gender affirmations are gone Is implemented Deakin University, University of Sydney, Northern Territory Government, with major companies such as Woolworths, Allianz, TPG, Westpack and ANZ also participating.

“The University of Tasmania’s management needs to listen not only to the union, but to those who support our petitions and accept our requests,” Sargeant said.

However, despite the increasing number of workplaces offering gender-verified leave as part of staff benefits, those who support biological gender awareness “recommend” the university’s attitude towards 30-day transsexual leave. “doing.

Union spokeswoman for biological reality Stassja Frei said Australians on April 28 “Workers need additional vacation for all sorts of reasons, including knee surgery, child death, and endometriosis inconvenience,” Fry said.

“I’m surprised that the union considered it fair and impartial to select transgender people as more suitable than other staff.

The debate is in the midst of an election season when transgender rights are an important issue in elections.

Waringa, Catherine Debes, and the Liberal Party candidate for biological sex activists oppose transgender women competing in women’s sports.

But after her previous comments on social media platforms surfaced, her remarks faced a huge backlash.

In one of the tweets deleted in May 2021, Deves wrote:

She claims she has faced since then The threat of death and rape For her comment.

She expressed her apology, but Debes said she was confident in her victory at April 24th SBS Interview And in an email sent to liberal supporters on April 18, she wrote, “I didn’t go anywhere.”

“My opponents, part of the media on the left, and Twitter Sphere have mercilessly asked me to blame for their past remarks,” she wrote in her email.

“I was bullied and threatened with murder in the most sneaky way. As the Prime Minister said yesterday, I’m not going anywhere.”

Marina Chan


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