Egypt announces “City of Sphinx” renovated in Luxor

Luxor, Egypt — Egyptian authorities announced Thursday a refurbished ancient promenade in the city of Luxor. This is the latest government project to highlight the country’s archaeological treasures.

Egypt has struggled to revive the tourism industry, hit by the 2011 mass uprising that defeated long-time dictator Hosni Mubarak, and more recently the long-standing political turmoil following the coronavirus pandemic.

Known as the Sphinx Boulevard, also known as the Rams Road or the Gods Road, the ancient promenade connects the famous Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple in the city of Tevez, the capital of ancient Egypt. .. It is believed that it was the path that pilgrims took to visit the temple and pay homage to their gods.

Luxor’s ancient road, with statues of rams and sphinxes on its pedestal, is on the banks of the Nile, about 650 km (400 miles) south of Cairo, extending for miles and many more. The excavation was taking place. Over 50 years.

President Abdelfata Ersisi, along with other officials, attended a television event, a late-night ceremony nodding on an ancient autumn holiday.

Mohammed Abd el-Krimadhi, the chief archeologist of Egypt, said that the oldest archaeological sites along the path are six built by Queen Hatshepsut, Egypt’s only female pharaoh, dating back to 1400 BC. Said it was a building.

According to the hieroglyphs on the walls of a temple, the ancient holidays were known as “opets” and were marked by parades and dancers to celebrate the blessings that the annual floods of the Nile brought to the fields, he said. rice field. According to the transcription, there was also a fleet of sacred ships heading to the temple.

The Thursday event is the second glorious ceremony of the year to celebrate Egyptian heritage. In April, the government hosted a procession to commemorate the transfer of the famous mummy from the Egyptian Museum in downtown Cairo to the newly built museum south of the Egyptian capital.

By Haggag Salama

Associated Press


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