Egypt’s first female captain fears her career after being mistakenly accused of blocking the Suez Canal while aboard a ship 200 miles away

  • Marwa Elselehdar is the captain of Egypt’s first female ship.

  • She told the BBC that online rumors and fake news headlines blamed her on Evergiven’s grounds.

  • Elselehdar was actually 200 miles away from the incident when it happened.

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The captain of Egypt’s first female ship Blockage of the Suez Canal She said, despite being hundreds of miles away from the incident BBC news..

The media reported that Marwa El Seredal saw online rumors accusing her of being responsible for the Evergiven container ship sinking to the beach.

At the time of the jam, Elselehdar worked as chief officer Aida IV.. The ship was in Alexandria, more than 200 miles from the collision site.

Ann Investigation is in progress To explain the rationale for Evergiven, but 29 years old Don’t blame..

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Rumors spreading online about El Seredal’s possible responsibilities were exacerbated by sharing screenshots of fake news headlines, BBC News reported.

Some social media accounts also impersonated her and spread false allegations that held her accountable, media outlets said.

“I felt I might be targeted, maybe because I’m a successful woman in this field or because I’m an Egyptian, but I’m not sure,” El Seredal told the BBC.

The young woman explained how she was “shocked” when she first saw the unfounded accusation on the phone.

The rumors were related to her. “I worked hard to deny the content of the article because it influenced my reputation and all the efforts I made towards myself,” she said in an interview with the BBC.

Have been given the Suez Canal

On Saturday, March 27, 2021, the Panama-flagged vessel Evergiven, which was pushed across the Suez Canal and blocked traffic in important waterways, can be seen. Photo: Samuel Mohsen / Photo Alliance, Getty Images

Elselehdar is one of the few women in the male-centric shipping industry.

In 2016, she became the youngest and first female Egyptian captain to cross the Suez Canal. A year later, she was honored by the Egyptian President during the celebration of Egyptian Women’s Day, the BBC said.

Despite this unfortunate setback, she hopes her career will encourage other women to enter the industry.

“My message to women who want to be in the maritime field is to fight for what you love and prevent negativeness from affecting you,” she told the BBC.

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