Eight more dead pulled from the rubble of a collapsed Florida condo

Surfside, Florida (AP) — A search for victims of the collapse of a high-rise condominium in the Miami area reached day 14 on Wednesday, killing three dozen people, more than 100 still unexplained, and officials said. I’m raising more voices. And more severe.

Tuesday crew Dig crushed concrete Where the surfside Champlain Towers South Building once stood, it filled a bucket that was passed down the line to be emptied and then returned.

Search details, a compliment to the video released by the Miami-Dade County Fire Department, occurred when eight more deaths were announced. This was the highest in the day since the search started. It also came when rain and wind from now on hurricane Elsa confused the effort, The storm was going well Land throughout the state.

Investigators have not found any new signs of survivors, and authorities have stated that their mission is still aimed at finding living people, but they sounded increasingly dark.

“Currently we are in search and rescue mode,” county police chief Freddie Ramirez said at a press conference Tuesday night. He immediately added: “Our main goal now is to close the family.”

No one has been rescued from the scene since the first few hours after the building collapsed on June 24, when many of the inhabitants were sleeping.

According to the county fire chief, Alan Kominsky, the searchers were still looking for vacant lots in the rubble pile where survivors could be found.

“Unfortunately we haven’t seen anything positive,” he said.

Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said the missing family is preparing for news of a “tragic loss.” She said President Joe Biden, who visited the area last week, called on Tuesday to provide his continued support.

“I think everyone is ready when we move on to the next stage,” she said.

Reporters saw the site closest on Tuesday, but only on parts of the building destroyed by workers on Sunday after the first collapse remained standing and dangerously unstable. The pile of shattered concrete and twisted steel was about 30 feet (9 meters) high and spanned about half the length of the soccer field. A pair of backhoes pulled the rubble away from the mountain, obstructing the view of the search.

Bad weather from Elsa has hindered search efforts to some extent. According to fire chief Raid Jadara, the rescue team was suspended for two hours at the beginning of Tuesday due to lightning. Officials also said the strong gusts of 20 mph (32 kph) hindered efforts to move heavy debris with cranes.

However, the storm’s heaviest winds and rains will bypass Miami, which borders the surfside, as Elsa has been strengthened along the expected landing path somewhere between Tampa Bay and Florida’s Big Bend.

According to Kominsky, the crew removed 124 tonnes (112 metric tonnes) of debris from the site. Officials said the debris had been sorted and stored in a warehouse as potential evidence when investigating why the building collapsed.

The rest of the building’s instability was demolished, giving workers the freedom to explore larger areas.

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