Eight people died after police confirmed that a shooter had killed himself at a VTA depot in California


Defense portrays suspect in Molly Tibetan murder trial as hard-working immigrant forced to confess

The University of Iowa student’s 2018 stabbed man is a diligent, family-centered immigrant from Mexico pressured to make false confessions, his defense was a jury on Tuesday. Told to. Jennifer Frese, a lawyer at Cristhian Bahena Rivera, said in an opening statement that 20-year-old Mollie Tibbetts should be traumatized, but authorities conducted an incomplete investigation into her death and said it was too fast to end the case. Stated. “Her family deserves justice, but Christian Bahena Rivera deserves justice,” said the phrase, standing next to her client. Bahena Rivera’s defense refused to make the opening statement at the start of the trial last week and chose to do so after the prosecutor took a break from the proceedings on Monday. His lawyer began calling witnesses on Tuesday, questioning confession and DNA evidence, and portraying Bahena Rivera as a man in a non-violent family illegally crossing the border from Mexico as a teenager in search of a better life. It was. They also continued to work to raise suspicions about Tibetan boyfriend Dalton Jack, who retested on Tuesday about their relationship. Jack faced a phone record showing that she called Tibet only once in the days after she disappeared and asked a snapchat message about his relationship with another woman and a question about his temper. .. Police suspect Jack as suspect after proving that he had left town for work when Tibet went missing while fleeing in his hometown of Brooklyn, Iowa on July 18, 2018. It is said to have cleared. Agency and hundreds of volunteers. Investigators say he began focusing on Bahena Rivera a month after finding a surveillance video showing his black Chevrolet Malibu moving back and forth near where Tibet was seen. During an 11-hour interrogation, Bahena Rivera confessed that she had approached Tibet and threatened to call police, then fought her, put her body in the trunk and hid her in a cornfield, according to investigators. They say he led them to the body, which was badly decomposed and hidden under the corn stalks. Tibbetts DNA was found in the blood spots on Malibu’s rubber trunk seals and trunk liners. Frese told the jury that the case involved Mexican immigrants who came to the United States to get better wages. She said Bahena Rivera was a “yesman” who did whatever was asked at the dairy where he worked and helped when law enforcement appeared there and asked him to ask questions. I did. She said the cross-examination continued “many times” for hours after Bahena Rivera worked 12 hours a day. “The conflict continued until it came to my client’s mind.’Maybe you’re pitch black,'” she said. “In this case, they got what they wanted and they closed the case. They got what they needed. Because of this vicious crime, they ended the case. There was strong pressure to arrest someone. ”According to investigators, Bahena Rivera said she had“ blacked out ”and couldn’t remember how he killed Tibet. The first lawyer, called Tuesday, was forensic consultant Michael Spence. He agreed that Tibetan DNA was found in the bloodstains of the trunk, but said that the DNA of the trunk, including at least one unknown man and woman, was also unexplained. Spence acknowledged that finding other sources of DNA in the trunk of the vehicle used is not surprising, and that there are many ways they can get there. Iris Gamboa, the mother of Bahena Rivera’s daughter, testified on Tuesday that she had lived with him for four years before breaking up in 2017. She said he worked 12 hours and had only two days off every two weeks. She said he was a good father who paid $ 500 a month to help his daughter and was not violent against them and never showed excessive anger. Bahena Rivera also sent money back to her Mexican parents and paid them to build a house, she said. The defense showed the jury a picture of Bahena Rivera and Gamboa laughing with their young daughter at a family party in 2017. “It was a good day,” said Bahena Rivera’s aunt Alejandr Cervantes, who is known for his playfulness around his family and that his children love him. She remembered that Bahena Rivera went to the sheriff’s office where she was being cross-examined, but could not meet or call him.

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