Eileen Gu advances on a busy day of Olympic freestyle

Zhangjiakou, China (AP) — Winning three gold medals at one Olympic Games is a busy business. So it was natural that Eileen Gu was a skier in a hurry on Monday.

China’s fast-growing freestyle superstar munched on fried green onion dumplings while waiting for a score in slopestyle qualifying. It came out. She advanced to the final. Then she hurriedly practiced on the halfpipe. There, the contest will start later this week.

Gu nailed a second run on a sunny minus 7 degrees F (-21 degrees C) day at Genting Snow Park after opening a trip filled with mistakes on a frozen slopestyle course that endangered qualifying. I made it. She munched on dumplings while waiting for the score to appear. It was 79.38 — the third best, and comfortable in the top 12 that moved to the final on Tuesday.

“Qualifying is much scarier for me than the final,” Gu said. “In other words, in the final there is no pressure and you have to do your own thing.”

The perfect follow-up might have been to ask 18-year-old Gu exactly what was causing the problem in these qualifying rounds. She fell once during the Big Air qualifying and had to nail a third, pressure-filled jump to secure her spot in the final. Win a gold medal.

But before anyone got a chance, she pointed straight ahead.

“Behind you, everyone is doing halfpipe training, I should be there,” she said. “I’m late. I’m really sorry that I can practice half as much as the others.”

Eileen Gu, whose Chinese name is Eileen Gu, has a chance to take over the final week of the Olympics.

Born in the United States Compete for her home country, China, She has dominated radio waves in commercials and mountains. She is about to become the first action sports star to win three medals at the same Olympics.

France’s Tess Ledeux and Switzerland’s Mathilde Gremaud have two chances to win medals. Big Air’s 2nd and 3rd place finishers each ranked in the top 12 slopestyles. So did Kelly Sildaru, who skis in Estonia. Like Gu, she participates in all three events: Big Air, Slopestyle, and Halfpipe.

Due to the blizzard on Sunday, all actions on the Slopestyle course were postponed 24 hours after the qualifying was postponed. It decided to rush to practice the halfpipe on Monday. Delay also meant another day sitting. It rarely sits well with the best athletes in the world.

“If they say,’OK, if it’s postponed, I’ll do it again tomorrow,’ I need to reset mentally,” said Maggie Voisin, an American skier who qualified in fourth place. “I was definitely ready to go, but today was a much more beautiful day. That’s what we want, especially here at the Olympics.”


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