Einstein’s handwriting with the E = mc2 equation auctioned


Physicist Albert Einstein

Einstein first published the equation in a scientific treatise in 1905.

A letter written by Albert Einstein, including his most famous equation E = mc2, sold for over $ 1.2 million (£ 850,000) at a US auction. This is three times as expected.

According to experts, there are only three other known examples of handwritten equations by physicists.

This equation was first published in a scientific treatise by Einstein in 1905.

It explains the compatibility of energy and mass when an object moves at the speed of light.

The equation (energy equals the product of the square of mass and the speed of light) is a basic concept in modern physics.

This is the only example of a personal collection equation and has just been published, said the Boston-based RR auction that sold the letter.

“”[It’s] An important letter from both a holographic and physics perspective, “the RR Auction said in a statement, calling it” the most well-known equation ever stated. “

The one-page German letter was dated October 26, 1946 to the Polish-American physicist Ludwik Silberstein, who challenged some of Einstein’s theories.


This letter was part of Silverstein’s personal archive, According to the Associated Press, it was sold by his descendants. The purchaser is reported to have been identified only as an anonymous document collector.

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