“El Chapo” wife could face 10 years in U.S. prison after plea guilty

Washington — Emma Coronel Aispro, wife of Joaquín Guzman, a Mexican drug trafficking organization, pleaded guilty in US federal court on Thursday for helping her husband run the Sinaloa Cartel.

Coronel, dressed in a green jump suit and white face mask, appears in front of Judge Rudolph Contreras in the US District Court in Washington, DC, where illegal drug distribution, money laundering collusion, and Sina Loa drugs cartel.

As part of her judicial transaction, she also admitted in 2015 that she had colluded to help her husband escape from Mexico’s largest prison, Altiplano.

Without showing her face covered with overt emotions and masks, Coronel said she understood the accusations and effects of her guilty plea.

“Everything is clear,” she told the judge.

Emma Coronel Ice Pro
Emma Coronel Aispro, wife of the Mexican drug trafficker Joaquín Axmann, known as “El Chapo,” left Brooklyn Federal Court on July 17, 2019, following Guzman’s decision in Brooklyn, New York. (Brendan McDermid / File Photo / Reuters)

Coronel can face life imprisonment just for drug rations. The other two counts against her carry a maximum sentence of 20 and 10 years, respectively.

However, under US ruling guidelines, according to judicial transactions, she may be considering imprisonment for up to nine to eleven years, assuming she accepts responsibility for her actions.

The 31-year-old former beauty contest queen relayed a message supporting Guzman’s drug transport from 2012 to early 2014, while visiting him in a Mexican prison after her arrest in February 2014. Was arrested in February on allegations of continuing to deliver.

Coronel was born in California and has citizenship in both the United States and Mexico.

Guzman, 64, was convicted in February 2019 in the famous Brooklyn trial of masterminding a multi-billion dollar drug company for the Sinaloa Cartel.

Mexican drug trafficker "El Chapogsman"
Mexican drug trafficker Joaquín Guzman Loera, also known as “El Chapo Guzman” (C), will be accompanied by Marines when introduced to the Mexican City press on February 22, 2014.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment and sentenced to 30 years and was imprisoned in the Federal Supermax Prison in Florence, Colorado.

As part of the judicial transaction, Coronel admitted that Guzman acted as a cartel intermediary and exchanged messages while in the Altiplano prison in Mexico.

In this position, he told her she wanted to escape through an underground tunnel and asked her to help coordinate these plans with her son and other cartel members.

She met someone later known as “Creto”. He delivered her more than $ 1 million in cash, some of which paid prison officials.

Coronel also met a second person named Lazarus and paid him to buy land near a prison where he could build a tunnel.

She kept her husband on all developments and gave her a GPS-enabled watch while the tunnel was being built. The husband then used it to guide people to build tunnels from his cell.

As a condition of her plea on Thursday, Coronel’s assets are subject to confiscation and she must submit to law enforcement interviews “on all assets she owns.” All kinds of financial information and documents. “

The judge has set a provisional decision date of September 15.

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