Eleven days after the partial collapse, the rest of the surfside condo was demolished

The rest of Champlain Towers South has been demolished.

At 10:30 pm on Sunday, authorities said a hole was drilled in part of a 12-story surfside condo that stood weak for 11 days after half of the structure collapsed at midnight on June 24. Exploded allegations inserted into and killed at least 24 people. And trapping more than 100 in the rubble of dozens of units in a situation is not yet fully understood.

Authorities suspended frustrating and complex search and rescue operations to prepare for dismantling on Saturday. Surfside.

Authorities said they would resume search operations, perhaps within an hour, as soon as they became safe after dismantling.

Missing family and friends have endured the painful waits for rescue teams to regain their loved ones. After half of the mansion tower collapsed early in the morning of June 24, the victims were dressed and carried their backs, leaving few others in disastrous times.

Tropical climate threat With the approach of tropical cyclone Elsa On July 1, the structure became unstable and the search was suspended for several hours as the building moved several inches and rescue workers were at risk. Dismantling was prompted, and within minutes a thick haze covered the area.

About an hour before the dismantling, a shelter-in-place order rang out on a local mobile phone. Police have been driving up and down adjacent streets for the past 20 minutes, begging residents to get inside and stay there. Spectators on the corner of Harding Avenue and 85th Avenue gathered behind police tapes to gaze at the scenery. They were rushed to announce the Miami-Dade County Police Speaker.

“All residents ask you to come in,” said the officer. “We need you to be inside.”

Hours before authorities knocked down the structure, residents of the northern belt of Miami Beach, adjacent to the surfside to the south, set fireworks on the street. An informal display illuminated an empty pocket and made the area boom. People stood on the street corners and balconies and saw the improvisational celebration of July 4th.

After that, the siren rang several times. The radio rang and the police got into the car. At around 10:30 pm, six large bangs rang from the scene, blocking other noise. The west side of the apartment fell to the ground.

A woman trying to enter the remaining area of ​​Champlain Towers South to rescue her pet was denied an urgent move by a county judge about 30 minutes before the structure was demolished.

Stacy Karon believed that the cat Coco was still in Tower 405. Judge Michael Handsman granted the hearing allegations, but rejected Karon’s request because of the separation of powers and the burden it imposes on broader rescue operations.

Early in the evening, Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said every effort was made to rescue a pet believed to be stuck in the rest of the structure, but no animals were found. ..

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