Eligible Employee Shuts Down This Month’s Pride Month Heckler in the Best Way



Some guys tried to make a fuss about the target’s pride shirt, and the internet is gathering behind the employee who shut him down.

From the viral video, it looks like a man went into the store, picked up his pride shirt, started recording, and started asking people if he agreed with the principles of pride.

“Do you support the devil’s pride propaganda?” Darren the Karen and a properly dubbed man ask, especially one employee.

“Yes, both,” she replies. “Satan and Pride.”

Shocked by her reaction, Darren immediately began to stumble upon his words before trying to poll more for those who went to the store. He was asked to leave the target immediately, but tried to arrest more passers-by, asked to call the police, and threatened to buy a shirt and burn it.

Darren’s stunts aren’t really embarrassing to him, as everyone he faces disagrees with him or fires him altogether, but both TikTok and Twitter are cheerful for him. I’m completely obsessed with the first target employee who tried to annihilate him with a commentary.

At one point she can hear him teasing. “Are you going to buy your little propaganda shirt?” And “Someone forgot to take their crazy medicine today.”

The internet immediately called her a “queen.”

Is this target the employee’s next gay icon? Maybe so!