Elite Ukrainian drone units are abusing night covers to destroy Russian tanks and trucks while soldiers are asleep, the report said.

Russian tanks are sitting on the streets of Kherson.

Russian tanks are on the streets of Kherson, Ukraine.Courtesy of Igor.

  • Elite Ukrainian drone units are attacking Russian targets with anti-tank grenade while the army is asleep.

  • Drone units have destroyed dozens of “priority targets”, including Russian tanks, command trucks, and other vehicles.

  • The Ukrainian army has had amazing success in using drones to destroy Russian equipment.

Elite Ukrainian drone units are destroying Russian army weapons that invade during the sleep of their soldiers, London Times report.

Aerorozvidka, an air reconnaissance unit within the Army, reported that night raids destroyed dozens of “priority targets,” including Russian tanks, command trucks, and other vehicles.

Russian troops have stopped moving at night, hiding tanks between village houses that normally cannot be attacked by normal artillery, Kyiv-based unit commander Yaroslav Honcher told the paper.

However, elite drone units that have dozens of squads of expert drone pilots have these stationary vehicles at their crossroads.

“We strike on the night the Russians sleep,” Honcher told the paper. “I can’t see our drone at night.”

“We can really do well, especially looking for the most valuable trucks in the convoy, hitting it accurately, with very little collateral damage. It’s possible in the village. You can get closer at night. “I will.” ..

According to the newspaper, the unit’s drone weapons range from cheap commercial ones to rugged octocopters that have been modified to drop anti-tank grenades or be viewed with infrared cameras.

Bayraktar TB2 drone.

Bayraktar TB2 drone.Muhammed Enesil Dirim / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images.

The R18 drone has a range of 4km and its ability to drop a 5kg bomb is especially appreciated by Honcher’s drone warriors.The team is PD-1, or Punisher Drone developed by Ukraine. Equipped with 3 kg of explosives, it can attack targets up to 30 miles.

Since Russia began its invasion, Ukrainian troops have succeeded in using highly acclaimed Turkish and other drones. Bayraktar TB-2 To destroy the equipment of the invading army, Justin Bronck, a researcher at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), wrote: audience..

The success of the drone “is a testament to the skills of Ukrainian operators and the incompetence and operational failure of the Russian army,” Bronck wrote.

According to the Times, Aerorozvidka’s drone units, which fly up to 300 missions a day, operate using Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite system. Activated in Ukraine A few days after Russia invaded.

This means that drone teams can operate regardless of the internet and power outages that are currently prevalent across the country.

“If you want to use a drone with hot eyesight at night, the drone needs to connect to the artillery via Starlink and create a target acquisition,” Aerorozvidka’s leader told the Times.

Aerorozvidka uses Delta, an advanced intelligence system supported by NATO. The system collects information from various sources such as satellites and drone reconnaissance to accurately identify the target.

According to the Times, this helps the unit make the most efficient use of the limited bomb supply.

According to the Times, Aerorosbidka was created by model airplane enthusiasts in 2014 and was integrated into the Ukrainian General Staff following a successful operation against Russian troops on the Crimean Peninsula.

Over the last few weeks, supporters from all over Europe have donated other equipment such as drone parts and 3D printers to help build and repair damaged devices on Russian rifles.

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