Elizabeth May talks about “rumors” swirling around the turmoil of the Greens


Ottawa — Former green leader Elizabeth May has been silent for months about the civil war that involved the party she led for 13 years.

In a statement to the media on Tuesday afternoon, May urged her to reveal that “rumors” about her involvement in the party’s power struggle had no role in any of the Greens’ governing bodies. Is called.

Members of the federal parliament, which governs most of the party, have been leaders for months, from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the temporary dismissal of staff and funding of Paul’s horseback riding campaign at the Toronto Center. I’ve collided with Paul.

May said he knew directly last month that Green MP Jenika Atwin had been exiled to the liberals. .. “

May said she was in full support of the Greens, adding that “our leader is Anamier Paul and only our members have the power to question it.”

Less than full support, the statement shows that the day after Paul held a press conference, her party survived a turbulent period ahead of the possibility of this year’s elections.

Prolonged tension put the Green Left at stake and Paul recovered from a temporary threat to her leadership.

Paul confirmed on Monday that the distrust resolution against her scheduled for Tuesday was revoked and no similar motion would be proposed prior to the current Federal Council or the next party convention.

“We need to get together for what looks like an imminent campaign,” May said on Tuesday.