Elizabeth Olsen skillfully answers rude questions about her sister in a resurfaced clip

Elizabeth Olsen is the fierce guardian of her sister.

An old clip of the “WandaVision” star is viral twitter Last week she asked for comment to defend her two sisters. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen..

Elizabeth and James celebrate the opening of their flagship store at InStyle (Donato Sardella / InStyle Getty Images)

Elizabeth and James celebrate the opening of their flagship store at InStyle (Donato Sardella / InStyle Getty Images)

In a 2012 clip, while the paparazzi were waiting, the actor was signing outside the 30 Rockefeller Center and asked, “Why are you much better than your sisters?”

Olsen responded perfectly and simply said, “You guys have bothered them for the rest of your life.”

In replying to the post, fans praised the actor’s reaction and support for her sister, and were stunned by the question she was asked.

“Who will ask that question so she doesn’t intend to protect her family ????” I have written..

Another user said in Tweet“Imagine Elizabeth crazy about Olsen and you have the opportunity to ask anything. That’s the question you ask.”

There was a moment when Olsen wanted a distance from her sisters and their famous surname to fight nepotism. Early on, she considered removing her name and replacing it with a middle-name chase.she said Glamor UK At the age of 10, she remembered the moment when she thought, “I don’t want to go out with (Mary Kate and Ashley) for some reason.”

Apparently, she decided to oppose it and carried a torch inherited from her sisters in the industry.

Even though the famous twins left the film and television industry and instead moved to a fashion career, they still had a sister’s back when she decided to pursue an acting career. When her career started to take off Her sister gave her solid advice Early on how to treat the life of a celebrity and act on yourself.

“They are very dumb-notorious-and I didn’t care what I was saying (in an interview) because I thought no one would read it,” Olsen said in 2017. Said in an interview Modern luxury.. “At that time we had a conversation. They would say,” You know, even if you think no one is going to read this article, someone later (something else) May pull quotes for things). “It’s all part of the way someone wants to interpret you, who they are, and how you do the work. It is part of assembling. “

The 32-year-old has also carried her sister’s advice for years.During an interview from “Off-camera with Sam Jones” actor Shared strong advice Her sister conveyed what was applied to every aspect of her life, not just acting.

Is there anything she learned from her family that “still applies to how you do yourself and how you do business”? Olsen responded perfectly.

“I think there are two things. What my sisters are always saying may have come from my dad at some point-my dad, I don’t know-” no “is the full text “She said. “And, especially as a female, I really like it. You can just say” no “, and I really like it in every aspect of life. “