Elon Musk called Biden a “human-shaped damp sock doll” after the president emphasized EV production by GM and Ford, but Tesla did not.

Elon Musk

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  • Elon Musk tweeted complaints to President Biden about emphasizing the production of electric vehicles by GM and Ford, not Tesla.

  • In a video of Biden talking to GM CEO Mary Barra, Musk called the president “a wet sock doll in human form.”

  • Musk said earlier this week that if GM wants to overtake Tesla in EV sales by 2025, “there is room for improvement.”

Elon Musk swiped President Biden on Thursday after Biden left Tesla from discussions about domestic electric vehicle production.

“This was when we said the future would happen here in the United States. Companies like GM and Ford are making more electric cars at home than ever before,” Biden said. increase. Tweet on Wednesday. The tweet included a video of him talking to Mary Barra, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of General Motors. Mary Barra talked about the company’s $ 7 billion investment in manufacturing electric vehicles and battery cells in Michigan.

Mask first comment In the post, “Starts with T, ends with A, and the ESL is in the middle.”

Then Twitter users comment In Biden’s video, “Insanity occupies a national percentage … shame Joe Biden and Mary Barra about this lie, it’s not that important.” And musk Tweet“Bidden is a damp sock doll in the shape of a human”, using sock emoji.

GM is musk Dig into the company Wednesday when a Twitter user posted a screenshot of CNBC Report About GM’s bid to overtake Tesla in EV sales by 2025, even though it sold only 26 electric cars in the previous quarter.

“They seem to have room for improvement,” Musk said. comment In response to.

Musk is not the first to criticize Biden. He is a torch Biden’s climate and spending plans, known as Buildback Better, are the centerpiece of the president’s national agenda. “Controlled by the union” Biden “Still sleeping” When the White House did not mention SpaceX’s historic private spaceflight.

That wasn’t always the case.Immediately after Biden was launched, Musk Squirt into Fortune “I was very excited about the new administration’s focus on climate,” he said. But he lamented the de facto gerontocracy of America. call Due to the “less than 70” age limit that would have disqualified Biden and former President Donald Trump.

The wealthiest man in the world was also clear when he opposed Trump.he I called the character of Trump In 2016, he said he wasn’t worthy to become president.Like many in Silicon Valley and the wider business community, musk Indignation Over the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.

But he also sometimes defended Trump.

“It may be controversial, but I really like the idea.” Musk said in 2018 Of Trump’s subsequent successful push to create a new space-focused service called the Space Force.

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