Elon Musk says Bill Gates is betting billions of dollars on Tesla, calling Jeff Bezos “I think he’s fine.”

Left-Elon Musk, Right-Bill Gates

After boldly participating in the AOC vote, Musk tweeted to billionaire rivals Gates and Bezos.AP

  • Musk targeted rival billionaires Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos in a series of tweets on Friday.

  • Gates’ bet on Tesla is now worth as much as $ 2 billion, Tesla and SpaceX CEOs said.

  • Mr. Musk said Mr. Bezos “I think it’s okay,” but said he needed to “reduce the amount of time he spends in the hot tub.”

Elon Musk called Jeff Bezos “great” in a series of tweets targeting rival millionaires, saying Bill Gates had a multi-billion dollar shortage against Tesla. ..

Mask tweets followed Pole We asked our followers to decide whether to trust “politicians” or “millionaires,” and 76% of the 3.4 million respondents voted for “politicians.”

The mask was bold before Democrat Alexandria Ocasiocortes asks his followers the same question, while other followers want to know Musk’s views on other millionaires.

respond In response to a tweet from the conservative writer Bridget Gamble, Musk replied that she didn’t trust Gates.

In another answer, Short added, “It was $ 500 million, but Tesla has risen so much since then that it will be $ 1.5 billion to $ 2 billion to finish it off.”

Tesla’s stock surged more than 7% on Friday to $ 759.63, but is still down nearly 37% this year.

Musk previously opposed Gates for betting on Tesla shares.He said he has Rejected charity from GatesHis short story claims that Microsoft’s founders weren’t serious about fighting climate change.

Gates hinted at a bet on Tesla in this year’s interview, but didn’t admit it directly.

Musk was asked by another user, “Do you think Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is (generally) a good person?”

“I think he’s fine. He seems to be spending a lot of time in the tub lately,” Musk tweeted. “If he wants to get going, he recommends reducing parties and increasing his work,” he said. Space race between pairs..

Bezos and Musk have been engaged in a 15-year feudIt is reported that the two have set up a rival company and are discussing it privately.

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