Elon Musk’s brother Kimbal Musk (usually a Democratic donor) donated $ 2,800 to each Republican who voted to blame Trump.

Donald Trump, Kimbal Musk

Former President Donald Trump (left) and entrepreneur Kimbal Musk. Sarah Sylbiger / Getty Images, Michael Roxisano / Getty Images

  • Kimbal Mask gave $ 2,800 to each of the ten Republicans who supported the impeachment of Trump.

  • Musk was previously a Democrat, including President Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton.

  • His brother, Elon Musk, has donated to both Republicans and Democrats in the past.

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Restaurant owner and philanthropist Kimbal Musk, Technology Billionaire Elon Musk’s younger brotherGave thousands of dollars to Republicans voted to impeach former President Donald Trump..

Ten Republicans voted to impeach Trump for inciting Trump in January January 6 Siege of Parliament Building..

New filing by Federal Election Commission (FEC) Shows that Musk gave $ 2,800 to each of the 10 lawmakers on January 26th. The House of Representatives sent an article about impeachment against Trump to the Senate..

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The donation was made in Boulder, Colorado, where Musk lives and owns a bistro.

Bloomberg First reported in the news.

Musk had previously made large donations in support of Democrats in accordance with FEC filings. This includes donations to President Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama, and John Kelly’s presidential campaign.

Elon Musk was given to both Democrats and Republicans. He donated $ 990 to the Republican National Committee in January, but previously donated to the Clinton and Obama presidential campaigns, the FEC Filing Show.

10 Republicans who voted for the impeachment of Trump Received a total of $ 6.4 million in donations In the first three months of 2021.

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