Elsa is currently a Category 1 hurricane that predicts Florida.Haiti Hurricane Watch

Tropical Cyclone Elsa intensified into a hurricane early Friday, and while the National Hurricane Center emphasized that forecasts are so far uncertain, Florida is still visible early next week.

Closer targets like the Lesser Antilles are definitely in the path of the storm. At 75 mph, they prepare for several inches of rain and wind with higher gusts.

In South Florida, officials overseeing search and rescue operations at Champlain Towers South are on the lookout for potential turmoil. At a press conference Thursday night, Miami-Dade Fire Chief Charles Cyril urged residents to confirm the supply of hurricanes.

“There is an emergency response plan in place for this incident in case the system poses a threat to Miami-Dade County,” he said. “Now is the time to prepare.”

How strong is Elsa? where are you going?

Elsa became a hurricane carrying 75 mph of wind as it crossed the Lesser Antilles on Friday.

Elsa became a hurricane carrying 75 mph of wind as it crossed the Lesser Antilles on Friday.

As of Friday’s 8:30 am update, Elsa was a hurricane with maximum sustained winds of over 75 mph, followed by gusts of up to 140 mph, mainly north of the center. The strong winds of the hurricane stretched 25 miles from the center. Elsa was about 40 miles west of Barbados and about 75 miles east of St. Vincent.

The 8:30 am update included the first 36-hour revision of the Hurricane Center’s forecast, but included a long-term forecast that the Hurricane Center later said would probably be updated around 11:00 am. It wasn’t.

It was still moving west rapidly. Forecasters said the fast pace (28 mph) could destabilize the storm and stop it from intensifying the hurricane in the next few days.

Elsa is expected to pass through some or more of the Windward Islands or southern Leeward Islands and near the south coast of Hispaniola on Saturday before traveling across the eastern Caribbean Sea at the end of Friday. I will. By Sunday, Elsa is projected to move closer to Jamaica and parts of eastern Cuba.

It is expected to approach Florida by Monday or Tuesday.

“Early next week, the Florida Keys and parts of the Florida Peninsula are at risk of being affected by storm surges, winds, and rainfall, but forecasts are uncertain as Elsa may interact with the Greater Antilles this weekend. The sex remains greater than usual. Interest in Florida needs to monitor Elsa’s progress and forecast updates, “said the Hurricane Center.

On the runway to Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica for the next 24 hours, Elsa is set to travel in storm-friendly conditions such as warm sea surface temperatures, high humidity and low shear.

“The new forecast is a bit higher than the previous forecast and shows a peak wind just below the power of the hurricane on Saturday near Haiti, so tropical cyclone warnings have been issued in the Republic of Dominica and parts of Haiti, and hurricane surveillance It is being implemented. The southern part of Haiti has not been given due attention, “the forecaster wrote.

Prime Ministers of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Ralph Gon Salves, closed the country on Friday due to a tropical cyclone, Elsa. Countries already dealing with active volcanoes, which have recently been forced to evacuate thousands, received a hurricane alert at 8 am on Friday.

Hurricane alerts are also occurring in Barbados and Saint Lucia. Martinique is under tropical cyclone warning. Tropical cyclone monitoring is being carried out in Grenada and its dependencies, Sabah, Sint Eustatius and Jamaica.

According to the Hurricane Center, parts of Hispaniola may have 4 to 8 inches of rain this weekend, for a total of 12 inches. It is enough to cause floods and landslides.

Haiti is on alert as the tropical cyclone Elsa approaches.I’m also looking at the Dominican Republic

Split path

From there, the model is split. Some point to the eastern road beyond the Bahamas to the Atlantic Ocean again. Others are leaning west, with paths across Cuba into the Gulf of Mexico. Forecasters emphasize that this part of the track has so far had high uncertainty.

“The degree of land interaction between Hispaniola and the mountainous islands of Cuba is a major factor in Elsa’s future strength on days 4 and 5. Like orbit predictions, in the Caribbean. There is a huge model that spreads with solutions leading up to dispersal in category 3 hurricanes, “said the Hurricane Center.

The forecaster added: “There is more uncertainty than usual and the hazards are far from the center of the storm, prompting users not to focus on accurate forecast points.”

Even the strength of the storm is difficult to call at that distance.

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Tropical Cyclone Elsa was the earliest recorded storm named “E” and defeated Edouard in 2020. Normal,According to NOAA data, An average of the fifth named storm will occur on August 31st. The only storm that formed further east early in the season was the 1933 tropical cyclone. University of Miami Research Professor Brian McNordi..

It was also the first hurricane of the season. This indicates that NOAA data typically occurs on August 10. This is the first hurricane of the season since 2021. McNordi tweeted..

The NOAA has predicted that 2021 will be another above-average hurricane season, but it is far from the record status of 2020.

According to NOAA, another active hurricane season has arrived, with 6 to 10 hurricanes.

Miami Herald staff writer Jacqueline Charles contributed to this article.

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