Elton John wins prestigious British Academy Film Awards

London (AP) — Elton John has undoubtedly been a member of many exclusive clubs for decades, but perhaps none is as exclusive as the club he officially joined on Wednesday.

At the Investiture Ceremony at Windsor Castle, Prince Charles anointed rock stars and charitable patrons as members of the Honorary Friends Association.

This is one of the highest awards that Charles’ mother, Queen Elizabeth II, can award to citizens of the United Kingdom and throughout the Commonwealth. The 95-year-old monarch is also a member of this order.

Introduced by grandfather George V in 1917, the award recognizes those who have “made a significant long-term contribution to the arts, science, medicine, or government.”

Current members include British environmentalist David Attenborough, Canadian writer Margaret Atwood, and one of Britain’s greatest athletes, Sebastian Coe.

In the past, the group, which included British wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill and scientist Stephen Hawking, can only be counted up to 65 at a time.

John, who was knighted by the Queen in 1998, a year after the death of her friend Diana, Princess Wales, joined the Order of the Companions on the Queen’s Honor List in late 2019 for her service to music and philanthropy. I did.

A 74-year-old singer-songwriter who walked with a gorgeous stick after recent hip surgery looks back on his career, releasing hit singles every 10 years, including “Your Song” since the 1970s. “Rocketman” and “Candle in the Wind”. He also played a leading role in many charities, especially the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

“I’ve had a great life. Music was my life. I got it for a job for music and charity,” he said. It’s great to have more to do for charity and life — I’m very lucky. “

His farewell tour has been postponed and is scheduled to begin next year, but he claims he is full of energy despite surgery on his right hip.

“I had a hip arthroplasty, full of beans and full of enthusiasm, but this is just a prompt to say,’I have more to do now,'” he said.

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