Email Reveals NS RCMP Concerns About Conflicts of Interest in Spousal Employment

On April 18/19, 2020 in Truro, New South Wales, Sandra McCulloch, a Paterson Law Attorney representing many of the victims’ families and others, spoke about mass casualties in a mass murder in rural Nova Scotia. Respond to commission investigations. 2022. (The Canadian Press/Andrew Vaughan)

Inquiry into 2020 Nova Scotia shootings released Email Details of conflict of interest concerns raised regarding two members assigned last year to the RCMP team providing information to the survey.

of Email It focuses on then-Nova Scotia Commander-in-Chief Lee Bergerman and husband of Halifax RCMP Chief Saputo.Janice Gray

In May 2021, after two men were named to the Investigative Liaison Team, National Police Federation President Bryan Sauvé told RCMP officials that due to the public interest and scrutiny surrounding public investigations, the move was made. recommended to reconsider.

A few days later, Vice Chairman Brian Brennan said in an email that he requested an immediate review of the conflict of interest concerns by the RCMP’s Office of Professional Ethics.

supplement. Kelly Petrishun, the officer in charge of assessing concerns, said in an email on June 4, 2021, that Bergerman is prohibited from hiring her husband, a retired RCMP officer, on contract. He wrote that he “should have known” that it would be considered a conflict. she is interested

In July 2021, the two men were dismissed from the RCMP investigation team.

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