Embankments to protect NS-NB links from floods are expected to cost hundreds of millions

Engineering research exploring three options to save the land connection between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick from climate-related floods will cost between $ 189 million and just over $ 300 million.

In a study released today, the height of an existing 35-kilometer levee could be raised by an estimated $ 200 million, a new levee could be built at a cost of $ 189 million, or an existing levee could be pulled up to a specific location. It has been suggested to install a steel sheet pile wall for about $ 301. One million.

Studies predict that when options are selected, construction will take five years to begin and the project will not be completed until ten years after the start date.

Experts say that for decades, a combination of high tides and strong storms in the Bay of Fundy could overwhelm dilapidated embankments and flood most of New Brunswick’s Amherst and adjacent Sackville, New Brunswick. I have warned that there is

Meanwhile, sea level at the mouth of the Bay of Fundy has risen at a rate of about 2.4 millimeters per year over the past century, despite continued subsidence of embankments and coastal lands.

In the event of a flood disaster, significant transport disruptions that bring about $ 35 billion in trade annually will significantly reduce the supply of food, medicine and other necessities in both Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, and Labrador. There is likely to be.

Consultant Wood Canada Ltd. was selected to conduct the investigation in January 2020, but the delivery date was repeatedly delayed and was provided only to the state and federal governments in January 2022.

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