Emergency evacuation, road closure in Arizona due to fire in Telegraph and Mezcal

Two rapid wildfires in Arizona on Monday burned more than 100,000 acres of land, urged evacuation in some areas, and forced the closure of four state highways.

Superior residents were watching carefully Telegraph Fire swells to over 56,000 acresSurrounding the mining town east, south, and west, combatants were trying to contain a house and fire invasion along National Highway 60 south of the highway. This week as dry conditions and strong winds burn flames. Is expected to continue to grow.

Fire smoke was visible around the eastern town of Phoenix. Flames and fire swallowed Picketpost Mountain, south of Superior, one of the area’s landmarks.

“If you can see it from miles away, you can only imagine how big the flame was,” she and her family are preparing to tell the Republic of Arizona on the USA TODAY network. Resident Camran Ramos said evacuate immediately.

They said, “The important things: paperwork, medicine. Everything else, hopefully that’s fine,” she said.

Telegraph Fire remained zero containment on Monday afternoon.

East, at the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation near Grove, Mescal Fire consumed over 52,800 acres.According to fire authorities and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, it has increased by 14,000 acres since Sunday. According to InciWeb, a wildfire tracking website operated by the US Forest Office, 8% of fires were contained.

Fire officials say the Mezcal fire that began on June 1 was caused not only by drought, but also by grass and bushes. The cause is still under investigation.

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The cause of the telegram fire is also under investigation, but according to InciWeb, a wildfire tracking website operated by the US Forestry Department, it is most likely caused by humans.

Two wildfires have forced the Arizona Department of Transportation to close US 60, one of the state’s major east-west highways, and state roads 60, 70, and 170.

This article was originally published in The Arizona Republic. Telegraph Fire continues to rage in Arizona.Contains 8% mezcal fire

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