Emergency Law Individual Freedom and Responsibility Crushed by Sledgehammer


“”The classic problem in environmental economics is the tragedy of the commons. The solution lies in property rights and supply control, “said Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England. speech September 29, 2015 at Lloyd’s of London in London, England.

“”Climate change is a tragedy on the horizon, “he continued.

“”No actuary army is needed to tell us that the catastrophic effects of climate change are felt beyond the traditional perspective of most actors. Future generations will be costly because the current generation has no direct incentive to fix. “

The phrase “tragedy of the commons” has been used in economic theory since the early 19th century to describe how individual desires deplete commons goods. As Kearney pointed out, the solution to that irresponsibility was a combination of personal ownership and public responsibility. This balance reflects the importance of the private and public spheres that have been recognized since ancient times.

Political scientists added that property rights have advanced the political rights and freedoms of civil rights holders. Even if Public interest. It is no coincidence that property rights occur at the same time as the acquisition and abolition of slavery. Same as above Wealth creation and innovation.

In his book, Ideas Have Results, Richard M. Weaver argues that private property provides an important basis for human nutrition and resistance to the dehumanization of humanity. Property rights are the “last metaphysical rights.” They resist the imbalance between Western science and communism, the Gnostic, authoritarian impulses.

Therefore, the fact that Canada’s 1982 Charter of Rights and Freedom does not include property rights approvals is not a minor abbreviation. It made Canada a bridgehead for Kearney’s disproportionate globalist supply management approach to avoid tragedy.

There are two notable things about Kearney’s speech that is alarming beyond the imbalance. First, a prominent member of the World Economic Forum, Kearney, like many in Canada’s liberal government, used the “horizon” analogy to extend the tragedy infinitely. Destiny is a fairly strong view of “tragedy.” Second, it effectively ruins the private realm of personal freedom and responsibility. As we have seen over the last two years, a state of emergency is a public declaration that limits and regulates private behavior through technology.

According to all of their bad thoughts, they believe that they are justified in acting as God and determining the good and evil of others.

And it imposes a tragedy on the Commons.

Epoch Times Photo
Police arrested truck drivers on the 21st day of protests against COVID-19 obligations and restrictions after the federal government enforced an emergency law in downtown Ottawa on February 17, 2022. (Canada Press / Justin Tan)

Therefore, it was completely expected that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refused to even speak to the common convoy because of their “unacceptable views.” It is amazing that he never allowed freedom of conscience at the caucuses, and that following the COVID “emergency” he called the Great Hammer of the Emergency Act to deal with personal objections. Not. And it’s not surprising that the NDP, which is also devoted to supply management and all the other bad thoughts of Trudeau, voted with him at the Canadian House of Commons, even for their own political base. ..

Mark Carney’s “Tragedy on the Horizon” was first performed at the House of Commons in Canada.

It is not surprising that the Ontario government seized the protesters’ private property in accordance with the authority temporarily given to him by a mere state of emergency. Similarly, it is not surprising that the banking sector has chosen to seize and freeze the financial assets of those involved in the trucking fleet’s objections.

It’s also not surprising that both digital currencies and digital IDs stand out in the planning of the international banking system. These will allow private property to be managed by central authorities directed by the “supply control” side of the equation, in line with the UN’s social development goals.

The tremendous abundance of the technocratic elite is not a manifestation of their greed, but a manifestation of their mercy on Earth and the future. The power they have acquired and the current misery that the Commons are suffering from, no matter how little they are, is nothing compared to the goodness of the future that they all enjoy. It will be “sustainable”.

After all, as Klaus Schwab points out, “in the future you will not own anything” and “you will be happy.”

But what is surprising is that Trudeau suddenly ended the emergency law while it was being discussed in the Senate.

Rumor has it that Bay Street has warned the prime minister, who is running a run in Canada, as it hasn’t been seen since the 1930s. The importance of the public trust of responsible individuals has escaped from his current calculations, as the elite were looking forward to a time when it would no longer be a problem.

It doesn’t matter that long. The window of opportunity to act against the mandarin in charge is closing rapidly.

The horizon tragedy is destroying the Commons.

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Scott masson


Scott Masson is an intellectual and associate professor of English literature. For more information on Masson, please visit ScottMasson.ca and YouTube.com/c/DrScottMasson.