Emily Ratajkowski fears leaked nude photos could end career: ‘It sucked’

Emily Ratajkowski describes how “traumatizing” her personal nude photos were leaked in 2014.

a talking model Her podcast “High Low” I made an entire episode titled “Should I Start OnlyFans?” In that conversation, she talked about how she felt she lost control of her body after private photos of herself were shared online.

“I thought my career was over,” she said. “It was a time when I really wanted to be a serious actress. People said I was going to be photographed naked so much that people wouldn’t take me seriously.”

“And there was a lot of conversation that these photos were leaked on purpose, a lot of slutty shame. And they were very intimate photos. Those were the ones I was in love with.” It was meant for someone and it was horrible I can tell you

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Emily Ratajkowski hits the red carpet in an orange dress.

Emily Ratajkowski said she was ‘traumatized’ when her private nude photos were leaked.

Ratajkowski also said, “It was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life. I lost my hair the week it happened.”


photo leak This isn’t the only time she’s shared an image of herself without permission. “There have been times when a book of my photographs has been sold without my consent. People have been able to profit from my image, usually men. And I have never cut it off.” In fact, in many cases, it cost money..”

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She has hired a lawyer to pay for her illegally obtained nude photos to be removed from the internet, and she has also purchased art pieces of her own that were created without her consent.

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Emily Ratajkowski is considering creating her own OnlyFans account.

Ratajkowski is be sued by paparazzi After posting the photo of herself she took, she explicitly added that she does not approve of paparazzi photos being taken of herself or her 1-year-old son.

“Something very brutal happened to me in this regard,” she continued. It’s part of the reason I have.

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she admitted it, but she didn’t consider it Working on OnlyFans An act of feminism, she definitely sees the appeal of doing something to regain control of her own image.

“It’s really depressing, to be honest,” she said later on the podcast. And you can quickly see this kind of turning your back on women who choose to try to make the most of the world as it is.”

Ratajkowski said there are some “real benefits” to sexualizing herself, such as having the opportunity to have a podcast to talk about these kinds of issues that are important to her, but she has decided to leave her OnlyFans account alone. She said she was considering starting one, but her manager strongly objected.

She said that made her even more motivated to open an account.

“I want to be in control,” she insisted. “I want to be someone who benefits from my image. my body beginning. “

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By the end of the episode, she was still undecided on whether to start an OnlyFans account.

The popular model and actress hit the scene when she starred in Robin Thicke music video Because of his song “Blurred Lines”, she has had increasing success ever since.

In recent years, she has used the platform extensively to discuss social issues that are important to her. Misogyny in Hollywood.