Emma Corrin, who played Princess Diana in ‘The Crown’, says the royal family was ‘queer’ in many ways

Emma Corrin (left) and Princess Diana (left) in 1983 in London, England on April 10, 2022.

Emma Corrin (left) in London, England on April 10, 2022, and Princess Diana (left) while touring Canada in 1983.Jeff Spicer/Getty Images for SOLT, Bettman

  • In an interview with The Sunday Times, Emma Corrin said Princess Diana was “very queer” in many ways.

  • The self-described non-binary British actor played the late royal in Season 4 of “The Crown.”

  • They also touched on the upcoming fifth season in which Elizabeth Debicki will take over for Diana.

Emma Corrin, who played Princess Diana in “The Crown,” said in a new interview that the royal family is queer “in so many ways.” Sunday Times.

The British actor, who identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, is set to co-star with Harry Styles in his next film. Amazon Prime Movie “My Policeman”. The actor became a household name when he starred as the late Princess of Wales “The Crown” Season 4.

While on the Netflix show, Colin, 26, dramatized Princess Diana’s early but eventful royal years. Married Prince Charles in 1981.

The season delved into the breakdown of Diana’s relationship with Charles. the beginning of her eating disorder.

But with the fifth season, which airs on Netflix on November 9, just around the corner, Colin touched on how he saw Diana in a conversation with The Sunday Times’ Lotte Jeffs.

In an interview, Colin said, “In many ways, Diana was very queer,” because she was an “other” in the royal family and embraced “outsiders” throughout her life.

Emma Corrin as Princess Diana of the Crown

Emma Corrin played Diana in Season 4.netflix

The comment is that Jeffs with Colin Kristen Stewart The two queer actors who played Diana.Stewart takes Diana 2021 biopic Spencer Acclaimed director Pablo Larrain.

In Season 5 of ‘The Crown’, Diana will be portrayed by a different person again Australian actor Elizabeth Debicki.

netflix In August 2020, Debicki, 32, tweeted a statement when casting news broke about how she felt “privileged” to have the opportunity to play the late princess.

A photo of Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana in 'The Crown' Season 5.

Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana in Season 5 of The Crown.netflix

“Princess Diana’s spirit, her words and actions live on in the hearts of many.” is.”

Debicki Next season’s co-stars alongside Dominic Westtaking over the role of Prince Charles from Josh O’Connor.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Colin was asked what he thought of Debicki’s portrayal of Diana.

“She’s lovely, but we don’t talk much about Diana,” Colin said.

Representatives for Corrin and Debicki did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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