Emmy Rossum blisters by wearing a fake chest with an unrecognizable character makeover

Emmy Rossum While filming Peacock’s next limited series, she revealed that she developed blisters from wearing fake breasts. Angelyne.

Five-episode show to be released on May 19-Star Rossum (Shameless) As Angelyne, the queen of signs that swept Los Angeles in the 1980s.

In a recent interview Hollywood Reporter, Rossum opened up about the long 4-5 hour process she went through every day to transform into a blonde icon.

“The character’s physicality was challenging,” she said. “Your body is heavy, but you have to feel light and effervescent.”

According to the outlet, Rossum suffered from blisters as a result of fake breasts and suffered from lacrimal duct problems due to having to wear two pairs of contact lenses and a large amount of eye makeup.

“I found that looking in the mirror and not looking at myself at all was completely freed. At first I was worried,” she continued.

“But feeling lost gives way to this true liberation-from hangs that can hinder myself and performance.”

Emmy Rossum (Getty Images)

Emmy Rossum (Getty Images)

Sam Esmile, who co-produced with his wife Rossham, said:

“This is my wife I’m talking about. It’s a little creepy.”

Angelyne It will be available for streaming on Peacock on May 19th.