Emmy Rossum wore a £ 3 fake breast that gave her blisters to separate her role in “Angelyn”

A woman (35-year-old Emmy Rossum) poses on the red carpet with long brown hair and a red jump suit and is shown in a blonde wig with a huge fake chest for the TV show

Emmy Rossum will help and star in the creation of Peacock’s “Angelyn”.Getty Images / Peacock

  • Former “shameless” star Emmy Rossum has joined a new television project on the icon in Los Angeles.

  • In the new Peacock TV series, Rossum starred as “Angelyne,” an impressive woman known for her billboard ads.

  • A Hollywood Reporter Profile Rossham says he spent hours wearing breast prostheses every day.

Actress Emmy Rossum is starring in a new Peacock TV series called “Angelyne,” named after a woman who gained fame as the “Queen of Signs” in Los Angeles. To transform into an 80’s icon, Rossum spent up to five hours in her dressing chair, wearing a heavy breast prostheses on her chest.

so Profile of the new Hollywood Reporter about the star“Rossum has blisters from his fake chest, wears two pairs of contact lenses, and wears eye makeup that is squeezed during the shoot,” said journalist Mikey O’Connell. I had it. “

From the beginning, the “champion” of the series, Rossum appeared at an important business meeting with NBCUniversal in a full costume with a £ 3 fake chest and everything.

“The character’s physicality was challenging,” Rossham told The Hollywood Reporter. “Your body is heavy, but you have to feel light and effervescent.”

Emmy Rossum, a woman in a tight red dress that emphasizes the curves of her body with a large blonde wig, as Angelyne.

Emmy Rossum as Angeline in the TV series.Peacock / NBC Universal

Rossum is an executive producer of the show through her company, Composition 8. Her husband, Mr. Robot’s creator, Sam Esmile, is also an executive producer of Angeline.

“When I say I’ve never noticed her because she got lost in this person, I really mean that,” Esmail told The Hollywood Reporter. “This is my wife I’m talking about. It’s kind of creepy.”

Born in 1950 as Ronia Tamal Goldberg, Angelyne became a staple of life in Los Angeles when she paid for a series of billboards in the city of California in 1984. On the sign, Angelyne was posing in lingerie with her name on it. Hot pink lettering.

She is known for driving hot pink corvettes around the city, doing everything from acting to singing to running in the California Governor’s election. 2017 Hollywood Reporter Announcing a story that reveals the true identity of AngelineDescribes her as “a Jew who evacuated to the Holocaust survivor’s locally raised daughter, Sixadrug.”

After reading the 2017 article, Rossam became interested in telling the story of Angeline in a limited series, and five years later her goal was achieved.

The limited series “Angelyn” will premiere on Thursday, May 19th on NBC’s streaming app Peacock.

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