Employees in “multiple casualties”, sheriffs say

fire Eruption at a depot in Northern California On Wednesday, officials said it led to “multiple deaths” of public transport workers before the suspect’s shooter died.

According to the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office, the call for fire was made at around 6:34 AM Pacific Standard Time near 100 W. Younger Ave. in downtown San Jose, a reaction from a large law enforcement agency. It is said that there was.

“In this case, there were multiple injuries and multiple deaths,” Sheriff Russell Davis, deputy sheriff, told reporters on the scene. “The suspect has been confirmed dead.”

Davis did not identify how the archer died or how many were injured and killed.

Quoting “Active Shooter”, Congressman Talked to the general public at 7:12 PST Avoid neighborhoods about 50 miles south of downtown San Francisco.

In less than an hour Sheriff’s office reported The alleged archer was down. According to authorities, the dead suspect is believed to be the only shooter involved.

“Public security is guaranteed at this point,” Davis said.

The address of Younger Avenue is Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA)Offers rail, bus and various shuttle services to the booming suburbs of the Bay Area and Technology Hub.

Davis called the shooting scene the VTA “Control Center,” which is a “hub that also stores multiple VTA trains and a maintenance yard.”

The shooting “was done at the VTA Light Rail Yard, but not at the Operations Control Center,” said Glenn Hendrix, chairman of the VTA Board.

“Today is a terrifying day for our city, a tragic day for the VTA family, a tragic day for our family and colleagues. Many feel deeply about the loss of this loved one and devil. Because we know that we are. “San Jose Mayor Samrikard said..

Hendrix added that he is proud of the transit workers who continued to work and keep commuters moving in the face of Wednesday’s shootings.

“Today, a horrific tragedy happened,” Hendrix said. “I couldn’t be any more proud of the VTA organization. When I was driving here, I saw a VTA bus on the road.”

The area is also the center of law enforcement in the region, as the depot is within 800 meters of the San Jose Police Department, the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s Headquarters.

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