Employers use “tuttleware” at home to spy on Americans.It’s time to track them instead


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The manual work of the company began almost at the same time as the blockade order. “But if all the workers are at home and they can’t see, how can we know that they are actually working?”

Leave it to the technician to find a solution for your boss miles away to reassure you that you are actually paying.Guardian, write in Sandy Milne Recently reported The rise of “bossware” or “tuttleware”, essentially spyware that allows managers to monitor employees working at home. This includes a new program called Sneek. This program uses a webcam to take a picture of you about once a minute and send it to your boss to prove that you are not away from your desk. Not warned in advance, Sneek’s photos take spinach from his teeth, sniff his armpits, and do all the other normal things he does when he’s alone. Can be caught. I really want to document and distribute it. It’s a terrifying level of aggression even in the NSA.

There are good reasons for the lack of trust between employers and employees-unfortunately, they are primarily due to employers.Companies use PPP loans to stay on top of the pandemic, then Fired thousands of workers anyway..Widespread Wage theft Hundreds of millions of dollars a year on social media is full of stories about restaurant owners refraining from waiter advice.

However, reading the news may give the impression that the problem is a worker. The New York Times is always worried that remote work is likely to make employees more likely to do horrific things, such as working for their own benefit. To quit a job For a better opportunity. The Wall Street Journal Doing two full-time jobs At the same time, he tricked each of their employers into assuming they were paying full attention and then filed a federal proceeding. The rational reaction when you hear that someone is doubling your salary without increasing your workload a bit is “Congratulations” unless you are one of the chronically underemployed. Money for the rest of us, guy. “

Research on working from home Actually more productiveHowever, employers are still afraid that their time is wasted.Of course, there are few concerns employer It wastes employee time, for example, endless meetings, nonsensical demands, and the consequences of not attending “social” events outside of working hours, which are not technically necessary. And every freelancer knows the pain of wasted time trying to get paid, submits multiple invoices, and creates the cautious word “just check this!”. Find someone in the accounting department who can finally reduce the $ 137.82 check you’ve borrowed for three months by begging for messages, phone calls, emails, text messages, private detectives, sobbing, hiring. But haha, what options do you have as you have zero power and are just $ 89.17 away from paying rent this month?

Freelancers and gig workers are at the forefront of not being trusted by contractors for a long time.Delivery drivers and warehouse workers Relentless tracking.. White-collar freelancers such as designers, writers, copy editors, time managers, and other office workers not only track the time they’re working on a task in seconds, but also detect and deduct “ragtime” for “time management.” You are often asked to use a “program”. By monitoring whether your keyboard or trackpad is being used, you’ll probably see that an already underpaid contractor doesn’t have to pay for the three minutes you went to the bathroom. If anything, this kind of software forces workers to make constantly useless gestures towards productivity.

Where are the disobedience apps? Is there a program that lets you enter things that aren’t useful when you go to eat burritos with confidence, or a program that tricks GPS into making you look like you’re on a given route and rushing to stop drinking coffee? If you need to track someone, it’s the accounting department that approves the invoice and pays the freelancer or subcontractor. Instead of writing a check they owe me, find out what they’ve done in their time. (I know you are receiving my email, Valerie!)

There was an absolute breach of trust between the employer and the worker, but it is not our responsibility to prove that we deserve independence. Employers need to treat workers as more than a hindrance to profits or a distraction from shareholders. They owe us a lot. Basic respect is a good place to start, but privacy, better payments, and dignity take you further.