End of Brisbane Blockade Conditioned to Two Factors: Premier

Queensland Prime Minister Anastasia Parasek said she could end the blockade of Brisbane on Thursday, the day before the long Easter weekend, if the Chinese Communist Party has a high number of virus tests and a small number of new cases. I told reporters on Wednesday.

Palaszczuk said only two new cases were reported locally since Tuesday, and there are no more known cases of community infection in the state. She said she was encouraged by the small number of new cases obtained locally.

The third case was reported in the hotel quarantine.

“The fact that there are no infections in the southeast or in communities that are not linked to our state is absolutely encouraging news,” she said.

She states that the decision to extend the blockade of Greater Brisbane, which was scheduled to end Thursday at 5 pm, will be made within the next 24 hours and will depend on these two factors.

“It depends on the test rate again, so if you see a very good test rate across Queensland and no infection in the unlinked community, the signs of Easter look positive,” Parasekuk said. Said..

Two more cases were reported after 33,408 tests were conducted from Wednesday 24 hours to 9 am.

Cluster emerges from PA hospital

One of the two new cases obtained locally was a nurse at Princess Alexandra (PA) Hospital in Brisbane, who said the Prime Minister had been vaccinated. Another new case is her housemate.

This is currently the third PA hospital staff infected with the virus, in addition to another nurse and doctor.

Premier snaplocked on Monday at the advice of Chief Health Officer Janet Young after two clusters of British variants of COVID-19, a disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, emerged from a PA hospital in Brisbane. I imposed a down.

However, on Tuesday night, the PA Hospital was closed even more severely, with Queensland’s second-largest hospital discharging all patients except the most important ones on Wednesday morning.

Like all Brisbane hospitals, it has kept visitors away since last Friday.

“This additional blockade will allow PA hospitals to introduce processes to manage the effects associated with these related cases,” officials said.

The hospital has been testing all staff working in the COVID-19 ward since March 19th.

Self-quarantine of 1,000 people

Queensland Chief Health Officer said far more than 1,000 people have been quarantined or quarantined after contact with known cases.

She said the decision to extend or extend the blockade of Greater Brisbane depends on what the Thursday morning numbers look like.

“This is just one day with promising results. [but] It is absolutely very important for anyone with symptoms to be tested, as we need to get more results from today. If there are other infection trends, we’ll pick them up right away, “says Young.

“Then we’ll have those results tomorrow morning and then we’ll be able to make decisions,” she said.

People known to test positive for COVID-19 visited venues in Greater Brisbane, Gold Coast, Gladstone, Toowoomba, Harvey Bay, and Jin Jin.

The number of exposed sites in Queensland surged to 81 overnight, warning two other venues across the border of the New South Wales town of Byron Bay.

It is not yet known if the annual Byron Bay Music Festival will be held or canceled.

Health Minister Yvette Dat did not appear at a press conference Wednesday morning after waking up with a sore throat and deciding to undergo a COVID-19 test.

She lives in the Moreton Bay area, where there are many exposure areas.

“The Minister of Health follows her own advice exactly. If you have any symptoms, I encourage everyone else to do the same and go for the test,” Parasek said. It was.

Australia’s Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly has declared the Greater Brisbane region a hotspot and warned that the situation is getting worse. He warned travelers to be careful of border closures.

“Going there may be one thing, but it can be difficult to come back,” he said. “I can’t predict what will happen in the next week or two.”

The state currently has 71 active cases, including those already in the hotel quarantine.

AAP contributed to this report.