Endocrinologists Say 3 Metabolic Habits That Help You Burn Calories Faster, And 4 Habits That Don’t Work

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Healthy habits like exercise are key to a strong metabolism.Mascot/Getty Images

  • Healthy habits like muscle-building exercise and getting enough sleep can boost your metabolism, according to endocrinologists.

  • However, common calorie-burning strategies, such as specific foods and meal timings, are not evidence-based.

  • Caffeine increases metabolism slightly, but supplementation generally does not lead to significant results.

A healthy metabolism is a key factor if you want to lose weight, and certain lifestyle changes can improve or decrease your ability to burn calories over time. Dr. Deena Adhimuram, Expert in endocrinology, metabolism and obesity medicine.

The most important changes are regular exercise, especially strength training, to build more muscle and getting plenty of rest and recovery.

However, avoid certain foods, meal plans, supplements, or even products or programs that promise “metabolism-boosting” training results. Most of them are unfounded.

Here are three habits to support a healthy metabolism and four general tips that have been scientifically proven to not work.

Building muscle can help you burn more calories over time.

Two athletes preparing to lift weights with barbells while exercising at the gym

Resistance training, such as weightlifting, increases muscle mass and speeds up your metabolism.Flamingo Images/Getty Images

One proven way to burn more calories over time is to add muscle.

“Changing your lean body mass to gain muscle and lose fat can change your body’s overall basal metabolic rate.

basal metabolic rate It refers to the number of calories you need in a day to survive. As your overall muscle mass increases, so does the number of calories you burn per day, even when you’re not actively exercising.

However, increasing muscle mass is not an easy fix. Lean tissue growth takes timeEven first-time users can use it with confidence.”benefits for beginnersThe right mix of strength training and recovery can help you build muscle faster, regardless of your fitness level. build more musclebut it can take a long time 1-3 months to start noticing changes.

It may seem counterintuitive if your ultimate goal is weight loss, but Eating more can maximize muscle growth Facilitates fat burning in the long run.

Getting more sleep is a science-backed way to improve your metabolism.


Sleep is essential for healthy energy levels and a strong metabolism, but lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your hormones.Roos Koole/Getty Images

It may not be glamorous, but one of the most effective strategies for a strong metabolism is a good night’s rest.

Along with exercise, sleep can make a big difference to your metabolism and weight loss efforts, says Admoolam.

experts are usually Recommended 7-9 hours of sleep each night There are many people who are unsatisfactory because it is for adults.

a Lack of sleep disrupts hormones and metabolismit can make it harder to maintain energy levels and even reduce your ability to burn fat. research Suggest.

Sleep is very important for staying active during the day and maintaining healthy habits such as regular exercise and good nutrition. Fitness coach Joe Wicks previously told Insider’s Rachel Hosey,.

Adequate sleep also helps curb your appetite. In recent studies, Sleep 8 hours a night to cut calories It increases by about 270 per day without any other changes.

Caffeine boosts calorie burning, but it also has side effects.

man drinking coffee

Enjoying coffee or tea can slightly stimulate your metabolism, but don’t overdo it.Andres/Getty Images

A daily cup of coffee or tea may provide a small metabolic benefit. good for your overall health.

“Caffeine is a stimulant that makes the heart beat and work faster and increases the body’s calorie expenditure,” says Admoolam.

However, if you want to burn more calories, caffeine by itself won’t make much difference to your overall results.

“You have to consume a significant amount of caffeine to get weight loss benefits,” Adhimulam said. suggests that it is necessary to

To get 900 milligrams of caffeine, you need to drink about 9 cups of coffee a day. High doses can cause side effects such as anxiety, headaches, digestive problems, sleep disturbances. Rarely, caffeine overdose It can be a serious health risk.

Generally, up to 400 milligrams of caffeine per day is considered safe and may help with energy and health. exercise performancebut be careful with your daily consumption.

Cardio and high-intensity exercise do not promote calorie burning.

height class

A sweaty workout burns calories while you’re moving, but there’s little evidence that it increases your metabolism in the long run.Getty/Azman Xhaka

For exercise that raises heart rate Overall Health Benefits.

However, some cardio and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) canafterburnor faster metabolism after exercise, but this is not evidence-based.

“I don’t know of any data to support this,” Adhimuram said.

Running, rowing, burpees, and similar activities are effective ways to burn calories.However, according to a new study, regularly Exercise may not help you lose weight in the long runbecause your metabolism can find ways to compensate for energy expenditure.

Still, experts recommend moving your body and incorporating aerobic exercise for heart health.concentration HIIT workouts once or twice a week According to the trainer, it’s fine.However Focus on strength training if your long-term goal is to burn more caloriesaccording to evidence.

Certain foods and drinks do not significantly speed up your metabolism.

Sportsman in long sleeve shirt drinking protein shake outdoors

Adequate nutrition and adequate protein are important, but they cannot significantly increase your calorie-burning capacity.Artist GND Photography/Getty Images

Many diet programs claim that some foods and drinks will burn more calories, but your hopes are not.

“Contrary to popular belief, there is no definitive data to suggest that any particular food boosts metabolism,” says Adimoolam.

According to Adimuram, one of the biggest misconceptions is that high-protein meals and protein drinks can significantly increase your metabolism.

“There are too many myths surrounding protein-rich, metabolism-boosting diets, and no real data to back this up,” she said.

It’s true that everything you eat and drink takes energy to digest. Although it has the effect of keeping food warm, the overall effect is small, An expert previously told Insider.

Protein is still important for building and maintaining muscle, along with other nutrients, including carbohydrates. Protein and fiber may also help manage appetite and aid weight loss.

But eating protein alone may not be the silver bullet for your metabolism. too much protein (Like anything else), a balanced diet is still important.

Meal timing for faster metabolism may be a myth.


There is no good evidence that you can hack your metabolism by eating more often or within a certain time frame.JuliaMikhaylova/Getty Images

Over the years, many fad diets and popular food trends have been sworn by specific dietary patterns that boost metabolism.

But Admoolam says there’s no data to support meal timing increasing calorie burn, whether you’re eating frequent small meals or several large meals each day.

research Equal calories can affect appetite, suggesting that metabolism remains constant regardless of how often you eat. Whether a particular eating schedule is right for you depends a lot on your personal preferences and routines. nutritionist.

Similarly, intermittent fasting has received a lot of attention in recent years as a potential weight loss strategy, but the research doesn’t support the hype.

a 2020 research Intermittent fasting offers no health or weight loss benefits over other calorie-cutting strategies, and suggests that there may be a risk of muscle loss.

Other Evidence Shows Intermittent fasting may help with weight loss If it helps control appetite and reduce overall energy intake, it’s not because of its metabolic-boosting benefits.

Most weight loss supplements are a waste of money.


You can skip supplements that are advertised as boosting your metabolism – research suggests they don’t work.Witthaya Prasongsin/Getty Images

Despite the popularity of pills and powders that claim to boost metabolism, research suggests that supplements do little to help you lose weight or burn more calories.

In the 2021 review, 8 popular products marketed for weight loss are unfounded and potentially unsafe.

Some were marketed specifically for faster metabolism.

Pyruvate, a chemical byproduct produced naturally by the body when breaking down sugar for energy, is marketed in supplement form to boost calorie burning. research No effect has been seen and high-quality evidence behind its claims is lacking.

Phenylpropylamine, a chemical similar to amphetamines and ephedrine, has been associated with serious side effects as well as weight loss.The FDA issued a warning against phenylpropylamine in 2000. Increases risk of hemorrhagic stroke.

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