Engaging at all levels to replace ‘awakened’ influence, Polivre tells conservatives


Red Deer — Conservative Party leader Pierre Polivre says Canadians on the right wing of the political spectrum will begin to get involved in different spheres of local and society to replace what he calls the ‘awakened left’. says it should.

“We need conservatives on school boards, local government, corporate leadership, law, academia and other places where the awakened left has ruled for too long,” Alberta, Sept. 24. Conference held at Red Deer.

“Ohyou country’s and a intersection, tThe new Conservative Party leader said he urged conference attendees to build a conservative movement “at all levels”, not just within the party.

“Are you going to continue to centralize power in the hands of an ever-smaller number of politicians, bureaucrats and elites, or are you going to decentralize that power back into the hands of the people by making Canada the freest country on earth? Is it?” he said.

“yes make your schedule, bring they out, work together, build upon idea, When many of all, please do not return under. “

Conservative MP Stephanie Cusey, who represented her constituency in Calgary and supported Poylievre’s bid for leadership, delivered the keynote address at the conference. She was joined by Michael Wilson, a Toronto attorney who had acted as an adviser to Polivre’s campaign.

The two discussed what made Polyvre’s leadership so successful.

Poilievre didn’t hold focus groups to find out what to think about specific topics, Wilson said, but tackled problems he knew and had consistently worked on in the past.

“His message, which he’s been saying for 20 years, met with a moment of broad coalition of people,” he said.

Wilson also spoke about the first social media post Polyvre made in early February to announce his leadership bid. It included a link to a websheet where supporters could fill in their contact information.

He said 115,000 people had signed on within two hours.

We then cross-referenced this sheet with a list of current and former party members and found that 92% of those who completed the web sheet had not been involved in Conservative Party activity in the last five years.

This list was then used to send out invitations to election rallies, which are usually crowded.

Wilson spoke about how critics initially suspected these crowds would lead to new party members, but Polivre’s campaign signed more than 300,000 new party members.

He said the restrictive COVID-19 policies of the past few years have affected the party’s growth.

“I think there will be a whole movement and all sorts of reshaping of the conservative base because there are a lot of Canadians who have been very negatively affected by COVID policies.”


Conservative MP Pierre-Paul Husse, who was appointed Lieutenant of Quebec on the leadership team of Poirivre, said: I grew up The topic of “wokeism” in the House of Representatives on the first day of the Fall Congress on September 20th.

At first he said, “I woke up” “Anyone who notices and is offended by the injustice and discrimination experienced by a minority group”

“Today, however, this once-positive idea has been appropriated by movements that are using it for political gain. It’s a culture of avoidance, boycott and cancellation.”

Paul-Hus said some of his views have been called racist, “Quebecers defend their heritage, culture and language and make no apologies for it. Quebec is against Awakening and so will we.”

American author and political commentator James Lindsay defines Awakeningism as an evolution of Marxism that focuses on social and racial justice rather than on the traditional dichotomy between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. I’m here.

“HmmFor example, it tries to apply Leninism to the American context, using corporations as part of its toolset. And this movement is called “awakened” movement. We talked about all corporations and Awakened Capital… The Awakened Movement is Leninism 4.0. ” Lindsay previously told the Epoch Times.

Noe Chartier


Noé Chartier is a reporter for the Epoch Times based in Montreal. Twitter: @NChartierET Gettr: @nchartieret