Engineers may have identified at least one potential cause of surfside collapse

The wreckage of Champlan Towers South.

The wreckage of Champlan Towers South. Michael Reaves / Getty Images

Forensic engineers are in the early stages of investigating the cause of the collapse of the Champlain Towers South Condo in Surfside, Florida. However, Arin Kirsheimer, who was hired by the city to investigate the case, Confirmed To New York Times There are signs that less rebar was used during construction than required by the original design in 1979 to connect the concrete slabs under the multi-storey car park to the vertical columns of the building.

It is still unclear if an inadequate amount of steel played a role in the collapse and 24 people died (the other 124 remain unknown), but if so, it is probably several factors. Was one of the engineers Said Times, Not the only cause. In the end, “probably the most important clue of what happened is still buried in the rubble.” Include Times writing.. “We have a lot of problems that may be part of what happened or that could trigger it,” Kirsheimer said.

Meanwhile, the demolition worker Set to start Drop off the rest of the condo before Tropical Storm Elsa heads to the Miami more New York Times..

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