Engineers working to release the Suez container ship say the bow was still stuck and it was an easy part to lift it again.

March 29 Suez Canal given Monday resurfaced so far

Evergiven was partially resurfaced on the Suez Canal in Egypt on March 29, 2021. Suez Canal Authority via Reuters

  • Evergiven resurfaced and the rear was freed from the banks of the Suez Canal.

  • But that front is still stuck and it will be more difficult to release it, said experts involved in the work.

  • “Don’t cheer too early,” said Peter Belldowski, CEO of Dredging in the Netherlands, so far.

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The CEO of a Dutch company that helped resurface Evergiven on the Suez Canal said it was premature to celebrate, predicting that the final stage would be the most difficult.

Dredging expert Boscalis CEO Peter Belldowski worked with Egyptian authorities to release a huge container ship that was stuck almost a week ago.

The ship blocked one of the world’s most important maritime passages for six days, causing havoc on about 400 ships waiting to pass. According to Lloyd’s List..

So, at the beginning of Monday, the news came that Evergiven resurfaced and its stern was released. Relief from sailors Victory lap by Egyptian President Abdel Fatta Elsisi.

As of 11:30 am local time, new operations were underway to continue the process. According to a statement from the Suez Canal Authority (SCA)..

“Surely the work will be completed soon,” said Major Osama Rabbie, chair of the SCA.

However, Berdowski warned on Monday that there would be more struggles in the future. “Don’t cheer right away,” he told Dutch radio station NPO Radio 1. According to the Associated Press..

The stern of the ship is vacant, but the bow is firmly anchored to the clay sand bank of the canal, he said on Monday.

“The good news is that the stern is free, but we saw it as the simplest part of the job,” AP reported.

“But she’s still trapped in the mud,” he said. According to Reuters..

A spokesperson for the company said there was a 70% chance that the ship would be free on Monday. According to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf..

“If we don’t succeed, we’ll also dredge under the ship. So far, this has only been done on the side,” the newspaper reported, a spokesman said.

Have been given the Suez Canal

Dredging work at Evergiven on Thursday as seen from space. Satellite image © 2021 Maxar Technologies

Tweeted by CNN producer Mick Krever In a translated excerpt of the interview, Berdowski said that it may turn out that the weight reduction of the ship (unloading of cargo) is still necessary.

Krever quotes Berdowski as making it difficult to move the bow without fixing the stern in one place and exerting this force. He added that the bow is still sticking to “firmness”.

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