England suspends vaccination obligations for health and care home workers

UK Health Minister Sajid Javid said on Monday that the UK’s CCP virus vaccine obligations to health care and care home workers will be abolished subject to consultation and parliamentary approval.

The latest government U-turn came just three days before the deadline for the National Health Service (NHS) and other healthcare professionals to take their first dose to avoid relocation or retirement.

The government 2 weeks consultation About the proposed policy shift before motioning Congress for approval.

The parliamentary vote is likely to be formal, as the major opposition Labor Party, which supported mandate, said it would also support the government in the reversal of mandate.

In previous consultations on mandatory vaccines for elderly care facilities, 57% of respondents disagreed with the proposal, 65% of those who responded to the consultation on expanding the mission to the NHS and the broader social care sector opposed the mission (pdf). In both proposals, the response from the sector was mixed, but service users (mandates were intended for protection) were mostly opposed to mandates.

A reversal of the policy means that NHS and other medical and social care staff for patients who choose not to take the CCP virus vaccine will not need to be relocated or dismissed from April 1st.

However, Javid said that those who “did not act responsibly and chose not to be vaccinated” “chosen to move away from health and care jobs” and vaccinated health care workers. He claimed that he had a “professional obligation”.

Javed asks the MP to “consider the policy on hiring new staff and allocating existing staff, taking into account vaccination status,” and discusses updating the UK Health and Social Code of Conduct. He said he ordered. Care is registered with the Care Quality Commission.

He also urged health regulators to “urgently review current guidance” on vaccination to “emphasize their professional responsibilities in this area.”

according to NHS weekly dataBy January 23, about 5% (77,591) of UK NHS staff and 18% (193,354) of social workers had not been vaccinated with the CCP virus vaccine.

According to Javid, the government estimates that 19,300 workers have already lost their jobs due to the mandatory care home vaccine that came into force in November 2021. Service and pension donations state that quitting work is “their choice” rather than being vaccinated “doing something professional”.

CCP virus vaccine scotland UK
A nurse administers a CCP virus vaccine to medical staff at the NHS Louisa Jordan Hospital in Glasgow, Scotland, January 23, 2021. (JaneBarlow / PA)

Javid said he “does not apologize” for the government’s proposal for mandate when the delta variant of the CCP virus was predominant, “the weight of clinical evidence supporting vaccination as a condition of deployment. It was the right policy at the time because it was important. ” Risk to the workforce. “

He said the policy reversal was due to two new factors. Both highly infectious Omicron variants and widespread innate immunity from vaccination programs and Omicron variants “better protect the English population from hospitalization with COVID-19.” , Currently dominant in Britain, but “essentially not so serious”.

But he refused to rule out future vaccination re-obligations, saying the government “will be guided by the evidence as it is today and will always listen to it.”

Jeremy Hunt, a former health minister and current chairman of the Health and Social Care Task Force, is concerned that U-turns pose uncertainty for potential future vaccine obligations such as the flu vaccine. Said. ..

Some lawmakers have criticized the term used to describe health workers who chose not to be vaccinated as “humiliation” and not respecting people’s physical autonomy.

Compared to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom has the fewest legal restrictions on the CCP virus for the general public, but is the only UK country that requires a CCP virus vaccine in the health sector.

Unions, including Trades Union Congress and Royal Colleges representing nurses, midwives and general practitioners, are calling for postponement of their mission.

Lily Chow


Lily Zhou is a freelance writer who mainly covers the British news of The Epoch Times.