England’s “1 meter rule” may be abolished on June 21st: Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday that the UK’s “1 meter plus” COVID-19 social distancing rule could be abolished on June 21st.

Johnson mentioned the rules of social distance currently in force in the UK and told reporters during a campaign visit to Hartlepool.

On Sunday, Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said “some safeguards” could be implemented if legal restrictions such as continued use of masks and physical distances end on June 21.

Last month, a government scientific adviser said the public should be able to remove the face mask in the summer, but if the number of cases of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus surges, masks and perhaps other measures will be taken next fall. Warned that it might be needed in winter.

The UK hospitality industry has expressed concern about the possibility of ongoing restrictions.

Kate Nicholls, CEO of the trade group UK Hospitality, said:

“Returning to unlimited trading on June 21 is important and means hospitality business. [can] It’s out of life support and will only be viable in almost 16 months, “she said.

The British Cinema Association also said it hopes that face coverings will not be an ongoing requirement.

“We have an exemplary safety record (no case of COVID dating back to the UK venue) and the ability to manage the movement of people going to the theater in a modern, highly ventilated indoor environment. But June 21st can be done safely without the need for additional restrictions, such as face covering requirements, “said a spokesman.

It is coming as the government has announced that the limit on the number of mourners who can attend funerals will be lifted in the United Kingdom as part of the next phase of mitigation, which is expected to begin on May 17.

For the British people, the ban on foreign holidays will be lifted from May 17th. But Johnson said “it’s important to be careful.”

“We want to do some opening on May 17, but people in this country don’t want to see an influx of illness from anywhere else. I certainly don’t. And we need to be very, very tough, and we must be as careful as possible while we continue to be open. “

PA contributed to this report.