England’s front-line health, important workers may be exempt from self-quarantine rules

The government said Monday that Britain’s front-line medical staff and “significant” workers could be exempt from self-quarantine rules.

All UK legal restrictions to curb the spread of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus were lifted on Monday. The exception is the self-isolation of those who test positive for COVID-19 and those who have close contact with the person performing the test. positive.

More than 500,000 people were “pinged” by the NHS app in the first week of July, raising concerns about “ping demics” as the country reopened.

“We recognize that there are very special situations that can seriously harm the public welfare if people with important roles, such as air traffic controllers and train traffic lights, cannot go to work.” Said Vaccine Minister Nadim Zahawi to Congress on Monday.

“Therefore, people in this type of role who have been vaccinated twice and two weeks after the second vaccination do not need to be self-isolated for these important tasks, but otherwise. Must always be self-isolated. “

Earlier on Monday, the UK Government announced a case-by-case exemption from self-isolation of front-line healthcare workers.

UK double-vaccinated front-line NHS and social care staff who were told to self-isolate will be allowed to attend work in exceptional circumstances and will be superseded by test mitigation measures. The Ministry of Health said. statement..

The exemption applies only if “the absence of front-line NHS and social care staff can lead to a risk of serious harm”, with a 7-10 day negative PCR test and daily for self-avoidance. You need to undergo a negative immunochromatography test. isolation.

Healthcare workers who are told to self-isolate must participate in the work with the permission of the NHS Regional Director of Infection Prevention and Control, the Chief Health Protection Specialist, or the Director of Public Health associated with the organization. There is. On a case-by-case basis.

“When we learn to live with this virus, it’s important to ensure that front-line staff continue to provide the best possible care and support to people across the country,” said the Minister of Health. Sajid Javid said.

“The government has supported medical services everywhere through this pandemic. These new rules ensure that fully vaccinated front-line NHS and social care staff continue to work when needed. By making it possible, we will strengthen our collective defense against this terrible virus. “

The double-vaccinated Javid tested positive for the CCP virus on Saturday. As a result, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Minister of Finance Rishi Sunak were in close contact with the Minister of Health and were trapped in what is called “Freedom Day” until July 26.

Boris Johnson Rishi Snak
October 13, 2020, Prime Minister Boris Johnson (L) and Minister of Finance Rishi Sunak. (Jonathan Brady / PA)

Johnson and Snack initially planned to participate in the pilot program. This allowed them to take daily tests instead of self-quarantine, but abandoned the plan due to intense political backlash.

A Johnson spokesperson said Monday that the Prime Minister tested negative for COVID-19 and showed no symptoms of the CCP virus.

Johnson also suffered a serious bout of COVID-19 last year, which left him in the intensive care unit for several days.

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