England’s new Covid limit says “catastrophic” blow, pub boss


Pub and hospitality bosses are calling on the government to reintroduce tax cuts, furloughs, and business subsidies amid concerns that the new Plan B restrictions could have a “catastrophic” impact on the industry. increase.

Industry groups and businesses have expressed disappointment after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that a series of featured images of the new coronavirus curbSet will come into force.

These measures include an extension of mask wear from Friday, a return to work at home on Monday, and a mandatory Covid passport at a large venue from Wednesday.

Boss emphasized that telecommuting guidance and vaccine passports will have a particular impact on the important Christmas seasons for retail, hospitality and leisure businesses that have been hit by pandemics over the past two years.

Kate Nicholls, CEO of the UK Hospitality industry group, said the measure “risks of destroying the hospitality sector at the most important time of the year.”

She added: “Therefore, we need desperate help to overcome this latest set of restrictions and encourage governments to stand behind the industry.

“This means full business tax relief, subsidies, rent protection, and extended VAT tax cuts. Anything less than that turns out to be catastrophic.”

Companies have seen significant declines in business rate support in recent months, with many VATs in hospitality products increasing from 5% to 12.5% ​​in early October and 20% in April. I plan to return to.

Chris Thorley, CEO of Camerons Brewery, a brewery and pub group based in the northeast, said on social media that cancellations were “thick and fast” after the new restrictions were announced. Participated in the call.

He tweeted. It’s like early March 2020 when people were told not to go to the pub, but we didn’t have any support.

“Urgent government subsidies, fees, furloughs, extended VAT, and fee support are required.

“Our department needed Christmas to try to recover.”

Meanwhile, the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) also warned that leisure companies “must not be thrown under the bus” with restrictions that could hurt the recovery sector.

Michael Kill, Chief Executive Officer of the industry group, said:

“The government’s own report on this matter concludes that vaccine passports do not even have a significant impact on viral infections.

“Therefore, we need to question the timing and rationale for this announcement.

“Is this sound and evidence-based public policymaking, or is it an attempt to move the news agenda away from the harmful stories about Christmas parties in Downing Street?

“The prime minister should not throw nightclubs or bars under the bus to save his skin.”