English elementary school ends class due to monkeypox


Elementary school classes in the UK were closed until the end of the semester due to the appearance of monkeypox, which appears to be the first in London.

Grand Avenue Elementary School and Nursery School in Sally told their parents in a letter that the Epoch Times saw that their child was in contact with someone with monkeypox.

Students at the reception are usually 4 to 5 years old.

Preventive guidelines

The school said in a letter, “I am convinced that the risk to our community is very low,” and follows all preventive guidelines from public health, including closing reception classes until the end of the semester. I said there is.

Students at the reception are usually 4 to 5 years old.

The school apologized for this being a very short notice, but they only received this advice from the UK Health and Safety Department and “have a duty to follow these precautionary guidelines.”

The UK Health Security Agency, a health protection team in London, said it is working with schools and local governments to conduct risk assessments and take precautions.

This includes being vaccinated for the child and being asked not to go to school for the rest of the semester while the child is at home.

Authorities have told parents to monitor their children for symptoms by July 28, 2022.

A recommendation has been added to defer non-required health care appointments (dentists, non-urgent medical appointments, etc.) and not participate in these settings. Avoid very close contact with friends and family (such as hugging).

“These measures are precautionary, but at low risk they are important for the health and safety of children and their families, the wider school community, and others with whom they may come into contact,” they write. increase.

Siblings are classified as secondary contacts and can continue to attend school as usual.

Stockport Council in early July publication A case of monkeypox was identified at Thorngrove Elementary School and contacted parents to advise that some children in the school should stay home until July 15.


The UK Health and Security Agency UKHSA states that the majority of cases identified so far are “between homosexuals, bisexuals, and men having sex with men.”

The disease, first seen in monkeys, can be transmitted from person to person through close physical contact, including sexual intercourse, and is caused by the monkeypox virus.

The virus is usually found in West Africa and Central Africa.

Symptoms are generally mild and spread through close contact with someone who is already infected. Most people recover within a few weeks.

AP reported According to data released on Tuesday, UK health officials say there are currently 1,735 confirmed cases of monkeypox, three-quarters of which are in London.

The Department of Health and Security said the number of cases and countries identifying monkeypox “continues to grow exponentially,” and that non-African infections are predominantly found in gay and bisexual men. Stated. There were three cases of monkeypox in children who were likely to get a serious illness.

The Epoch Times contacted Grand Avenue Elementary School, Nursery Center and UK SHA.

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