‘Enjoyed killing Ukrainians’ Donetsk terrorist Korsa eliminated in Donbass

Olga Kachu aka Corsa

Olga Kachu aka Corsa

Kachur was the commander of the ‘Grad’ MRLS division that opened fire on civilians in Donbas.

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Ukrainian journalist Denis Kazansky drew attention to reports of her death.

The Ukrainian military’s Strategic Communications Service confirmed that Katsur had been killed.

According to the ministry, Katsur often disguised himself as a member of the Ukrainian military while committing war crimes to discredit the Ukrainian military.

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In an interview with Kremlin Propaganda, Katsur openly admitted that he enjoyed killing Ukrainians.

According to Kazanskyi, the terrorist had previously worked at the Horlivka police station, but in 2014 She defected to the Russian invading army.

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“[She]was guilty of shelling the city of Donbass and killing civilians,” Kazansky said. “In Ukraine, she was sentenced in absentia to 12 years in prison.”

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