Enraged bodybuilder burned ex-wife in backyard, police say


Photo composite by The Daily Beast. Hendry County Sheriff's Office.Facebook

Photo composite by The Daily Beast. Hendry County Sheriff’s Office.Facebook

A Florida man has been accused of murdering his ex-wife when she stopped by her house to pick up her belongings, then incinerating her body after recovering her wedding and engagement rings, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. .

Days later, detectives say a human jawbone, with teeth still attached, was found in a “burn pile.” his 5 acres of land.

The grisly new details are revealed in a criminal complaint released Tuesday in Tampa federal court. Ian Christopher Baunach charged with possession of 13 unregistered firearm silencersBaunach 43 years old indicted on Monday First-degree murder charges in death of Katie Baunach, 39, failure to report death to coroner, 12 counts of possession of controlled substance without prescription for stash of steroids allegedly found in Baunach home about charges including

Baunak remains in custody at the Hendry County Jail, according to booking records. He did not have an attorney listed in the court records and was not available for comment on Tuesday. avid bodybuilder, Self-proclaimed ex-Marine Jerry Falwell’s who attended Liberty University.


The case against Baunach can be traced back to the morning of September 30, when a friend of Katie reported her missing. Katie filed for and received a restraining order against Baunak earlier this month for abusing one of her two children, according to the federal complaint. He was arrested on charges and released the same day on $25,000 bail, prison records show. Prosecutors did not pursue the case and charges were dropped against him in January 2022.

According to the complaint, Katy left the estranged couple’s children with a friend around 9 p.m. on September 29. She told an unidentified friend of hers that Baunak could “come and get some personal belongings” so she would be back, she said.

“This was the last time Katie Baunak was seen alive,” the complaint reads.

The next day, a sheriff’s deputy shows up at the Baunach home to search for Katie. Officers saw her car parked in the driveway with her wallet in it, according to the complaint, but Baunach wasn’t at her home, so the officers left.

They stopped again some time later and found Katie’s car had been moved and parked on the street. So they applied for a warrant and entered Baunach’s residence around 1 p.m., the complaint says.

<p>Six of the 13 silencer investigators say they found it in Ian Baunach’s home.</p>
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Six of the 13 silencer investigators say they found it in Ian Baunach’s home.

United States District Court for the Central District of Florida

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Six of the 13 Silencer investigators say they were found at Ian Baunach’s home.

United States District Court for the Central District of Florida

Once inside, police saw what they believed to be evidence of the murder, according to the complaint.

Detectives searched Baunach’s car, which was parked in the attached garage, and sprayed the trunk with Luminor.

According to the complaint, “the interior of the trunk of Baunach’s car glowed blue after law enforcement applied Luminor.”

Complaints continue that the hallway that connects the garage to the home’s foyer showed “signs of physical struggle.” Officers found one of the walls appeared to be damaged, exposing the screws that once held the broken mirror.

“Law enforcement treated the area with Luminor, which again glowed blue, indicating the presence of blood in the aforementioned corridor,” the complaint continues. “Luminor also reacted to the wall adjacent to the office door and the office door frame. Law enforcement discovered large surface areas on three different walls of his building that glowed blue when treated with Luminor. ”

In an adjoining home office, police found a safe that “contained Katie Baunak’s wedding and engagement rings.” She wore it when she left her friend’s house the night before, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Officers also found an AR-15 upper receiver and her 13 silencers in the safe, as well as a Glock Model 27 .40 caliber pistol in a plastic bag on a bookshelf, according to the complaint. In the attic above the garage were her three rifles and one of her shotguns, and Baunach was said to be wearing another of her .40 caliber Glocks.


During a more extensive search of the property, officers “found a fragment of a human mandible with intact teeth in a pile of fresh burns, and a 50-gallon blue shard of rotten flesh near a stinking burn pile of rotting flesh.” “Among the blue 50-gallon barrels, law enforcement also found fragments of human bones. We found a suspicious piece of human bone.”

However, Baunach denied the whole thing when confronted by the police.

He told detectives that Katie had contacted her a few days ago saying she needed gas for her car. Baunach claimed he “didn’t want to argue” and went to sleep.

Investigators told Baunak they found blood in the trunk of his car.

“When asked about the blood found on the premises, Baunach said he did not believe the officers,” he said, adding that Baunach blamed the broken mirror for “hitting him while walking down the hallway.” . Baunak also told police that Katie was not “actually a missing person” and that there was “no body.”

Baunach admitted to owning the silencers found in his home, but “disputed that they were in fact silencers,” according to the complaint.

As for malice towards his ex, Baunak “admitted that he was upset that Katie Baunak had applied for and received a domestic violence injunction against him,” the complaint states.

Each federal count against Baunach carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.Baunach if convicted of first-degree murder face life imprisonment or the death penalty.

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