Epic Games sues AR glasses company Nreal for trademark infringement


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Epic Games, who is no stranger to going to court, filed a lawsuit against mixed reality glasses company Nreal for trademark infringement earlier. The reason for the complaint, of course, is that the name Nreal and Unreal “are almost the same in terms of appearance and sound”, and this is “not a coincidence.” Epic also pointed out that the two companies compete in the same market, and this similarity may cause confusion, and Unreal has been registered in multiple categories such as software, games, virtual worlds, 3D visualization, animation, and platforms.

Nreal is not a new company anymore. It also listed products in South Korea last year, but the problem is that the company plans to list mixed reality glasses in the United States this season, which has attracted protests from Epic. Although Epic does not yet have its own AR hardware, it has always maintained a high degree of interest in the AR/VR field, and as early as 2017, it launched the VR game “Robo Recall” made with Unreal Engine. The two companies have been fighting for several years on whether they are infringing. They tried to settle in the past, but the negotiations broke down in the end.

In addition to hoping that the court will issue an injunction to force Nreal to withdraw its trademark registration, Epic will also demand an unknown amount of compensation. However, Nreal is not a novice in court. In addition to fighting against Epic, it has also successfully defended Magic Leap’s allegations of stealing key technologies. If Epic wins, Nreal may have to think of individual names to launch products in the United States.

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