Epic sale is here again, “NBA 2K21” is free for a limited time

Epic Mega Sale

Epic Mega Sale

Epic Game Store Epic SaleBring it again Epic CouponCome on stage together. In addition to various discounts before June 17, you can also receive a free copy of “NBA 2K21” before May 27. Later, there will be other limited-time free games (if you take one per week, there should be three?), but what will come next is still unknown.

In addition to direct discounts, Epic’s distinctive Epic coupons will also return. This coupon is a 65RMB discount coupon, as long as you purchase a single game of 90RMB or more, you can use it, and at the same time as the purchase, you will “return” a 65RMB Epic coupon to you. This means that as long as you keep buying games over 90RMB, you will be able to fold it down forever.

The Epic Game Store has been full of controversy since its launch, so it is also special in special promotions or limited-time free games, but I don’t know how many people can be attracted by the overlord Steam?

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