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Hong Kong’s oppressive climate, cultivated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), allows attackers to rampage one of the city’s independent newspaper presses with immunity, pushing Beijing to the west. Mr. Guo said that he wants. Director of the Hong Kong version of The Epoch Times.

Hong Kong, once praised for its democratic freedom, has experienced a steady retreat of autonomy since returning from Britain to Chinese rule in 1997. Over the past year, Beijing has imposed drastic legislation criminalizing vaguely defined withdrawal, capsizing, and foreign conspiracy. While initiating electoral reform, proclaiming that only patriots can control the territory.

Since then, authorities have recently charged dozens of people with new security laws or other charges, including media mogul Jimmy Lai, the publisher of the local outlet Apple Daily, and the fierce critics of the Chinese administration.

“Hong Kong is a perfect example of how the Chinese Communist Party has transformed a free society into one in which people are afraid to speak freely,” Guo said in a recent interview with the Epoch Times American thought leader.

“Today, even Oscars can’t air in Hong Kong because the film must be reviewed by the Chinese administration before it can be shown in Hong Kong theaters. The Chinese administration has gradually changed Hong Kong to this.” She added that she had observed the same phenomenon happening in the west.

“Hollywood, some big tech companies, Wall Street, are in favor of the CCP’s policy on topics they don’t like because they need to do business with China,” she said.

“Unknowingly things change around you and you realize that the world is different,” she said.

“People are afraid of being attacked or discriminated against, so don’t dare say what you really feel.”

According to Guo, it may be difficult to suspect that this is happening in a free society.

“But who is behind all of these and who controls them all? Who is using financial incentives and the Chinese market as a trump card for negotiations to change the whole world?” Is it? “She said.

“We know it’s the Chinese Communist Party and is honing its skills in Hong Kong.”

Epoch Times Photo
CCTV screenshot showing a black-clad intruder waving a hammer to damage printing press equipment at the Hong Kong Epoch Times print shop on April 12, 2021. (Epoch Times)

Bring the truth

On April 12, four men broke into the Hong Kong Epoch Times printing factory. Swinging a hammer, two of them destroyed critical printing equipment and suspended newspaper distribution. The edition resumed publication on Friday, covering the decisions of Lai and other prominent democratic activists.

Guo quoted a series of similar sabotage attempts since the factory was founded in 2006, stating that the CCP is likely to be behind a violent attack.

“The Epoch Times has no debt and no financial conflict with groups or individuals, so there are no hostile enemies,” she said.

Guo, one of the founding members of The Epoch Times in Atlanta, Georgia in 2000, said the lack of independent information from within China motivated the establishment of the newspaper.

They “want to bring the truth of China to the whole world and give the Chinese people an international voice,” Guo said.

At that time, the Chinese administration staged a self-immolation case, which was used as a promotion to justify the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, and was launched more than a year ago.

Guo found that the Chinese and English outlets did not report evidence of how the Chinese Communist Party performed the entire event. But “our newspapers at the time were able to report the truth about this event to the world,” she said.

A year later, when the SAR broke out in southern China in late 2002, the Chinese Communist Party masked the outbreak, as it did during the current outbreak. “It was the Hong Kong Epoch Times that first broke the story,” Guo said.

Epoch Times Photo
After the attack on the printing facility on April 12, the Hong Kong version of the Epoch Times newspaper came out of the Hong Kong printing press on April 17, 2021. (Epoch Times)


However, unfiltered reporting of outlets about the Chinese administration was costly. Shortly after the organization was established, all of the first cohorts of reporters in China were arrested.

“Many of them are graduates of Tsinghua University. [University] “Other prestigious universities in China,” said Guo. “They have been tortured in Chinese prisons for a long time.”

Even today, reporters with outlets are still targeted by the administration.

“Also, there are many reporters around the world who continue to be harassed and intimidated by their families in China,” she said.

In March, the host of the Hong Kong Epoch Times online current affairs program received a message from relatives from police in mainland China. Stop broadcasting or face arrest under the new National Security Act.

Guo himself is the target of threats by the Chinese Communist Party. When she moved to Hong Kong to work in the edition, she received a letter requesting her to leave the city immediately. The writer also said they would monitor every movement of her and track where she went.

The administration also sought to thwart the Hong Kong version by putting pressure on retailers and advertisers.

Guo recalled one case where a small advertising client in Hong Kong received a blackmail in four different languages.

“Some of these clients [in Hong Kong] Being from South Koreans or other countries, the Chinese administration uses different languages ​​to intimidate and harass them, “she said.

In May 2019, the Hong Kong Epoch Times began selling newspapers at approximately 500 Seven-Eleven stores in the city. “People were very happy that it became so convenient to buy the Epoch Times,” Guo said.

However, this arrangement did not last long.

“Unfortunately, the Chinese administration quickly put pressure on Seven-Eleven, so Seven-Eleven unilaterally withdrew the contract and removed the Epoch Times from the shelves,” she said.

Do not retreat

Guo said the administration is trying to “not just exclude one or two news items,” but to export the entire system through a combination of threats and economic coercion.

She said Hong Kong has not been sanctioned by the West, so the Chinese administration is taking advantage of Hong Kong’s position as an international financial center to attract foreign investment and engage in forced technology transfers.

“The tactic is to lie and use financial incentives to partner with major financial groups, and these large financial groups and businesses control the media and key institutions,” she said. .. “Financial incentives can cause people to lose their conscience, self-censor, and even limit other people’s freedom of speech.”

“You can be very financially free and relatively prosperous, but basically you have to work within the rules of the Chinese administration,” she said. “Your freedom is limited, you have to give up your freedom of speech, and you have to attack a group of other people to prevent them from speaking.”

Asked if she was afraid, Guo vowed to never retreat.

“For us, humans must have basic dignity, basic freedom of expression,” she said. “This is so important that we never go back. If we still give up, we have no basic dignity.”

Guo added that he received a lot of advice on moving the store to another location due to heightened political pressure.

She encouraged the free world to work together to protect Hong Kong’s fundamental rights and uphold the permanence of paper in Hong Kong, which she called “sharing responsibility.”

“Hong Kong’s popular nickname is’the foundation for the Chinese Communist Party’,” she said. “The Chinese administration is also seeing this. The strategy this time is to rob Hong Kong through intimidation and intimidation, but not the people.”

“One day, at that point, I think it will be a very unfortunate tragedy not only for the people of Hong Kong and China, but for the world as well,” Guo said. “So we still want to stop this downtrend as much as possible.”

Kathy He contributed to this report.